Adding Emotions to Route Planning


One of the biggest online platforms for biking routes approached us to carry out their rebranding, ensure brand consistency, and becoming more attractive to a younger target while keeping the current users satisfied. In order to achieve this, we deep-dived into their products, their competitors, and their (potential) users.

As an outcome, we defined new user personas, new brand values and a more modern logo, creating high brand recognition value. Furthermore, we developed a landing page for premium users.
Before we started the creative part
Understanding the strengths and pain points of the current product, the market dynamics and the user needs were the first part of our analysis. Therefore, we carried out an in-depth competitor analysis, analyzing their features and their business models and decided upon a unique, niche USPs that wasn't penetrated by any competitor yet and that would provide value to users at the same time.
We conducted an online survey and carried out in-field tests with current and potential users in order to know their biking style, how they use the product, and which factors are important when planning a route and which were the real values that would convert them into premium users.
Brand Values & Logo
The brand should transmit the values of safety, smartness, and lifestyle. Colours for the new colour palette were chosen accordingly to the values they should represent.
Maven Pro is a sans-serif typeface with a unique curvature and a fluid rhythm and is the perfect fit for the new brand. Let's see what happens if the B and M would represent a lane, while the B would also be inspired by a bike wheel.
JoinMyTrip Logo-The Branx
A Premium Page for Premium Users
The goal was to increase conversions to premium accounts and enhance navigation comfort. When entering the site, an inspirational header and a short, but engaging new premium claim "Explore the world cycling" would welcome the user and create a pleasant atmosphere. The benefits of going premium were presented and explained in a more inspirational, visual way. A clear, yet compelling call-to-action was used throughout the page. Pricing schemes are now less promo aggressive and the best-seller package would be pre-selected by default to facilitate the purchase. More visual emphasis was put on cross-device usage. At the end of the purchasing process, user feedback was included as re-assurance as well as FAQs for further doubts. At the bottom of the page we included an inspirational footer.
bm, Vienna, Austria
User Analysis & Rebranding