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Building resilient communities

Disaster Tech is a SaaS startup providing disaster management software that helps save lives, protect the environment, and build resilient communities. Their platform Pratus is leveraged by decision-makers to predict, prepare, and decide for any crisis.

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Dealing with disaster situations is always a challenge; communicating them as well. Disaster Tech reached out to us to find a name and develop the visual identity and UI design system for their platform, which is used by decision-makers to manage incidents and exercises in one place. Before, during, and after natural and humanitarian disasters, the platform is the core of effective crisis management.


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With the goal of communicating the benefits of the platform, the approach was to convey 360° security and reliability with every element of the product, representing the OODA loop, a four-step approach to decision-making used in crisis management: observe, orient, decide, and act. Since the company Disaster Tech is still the focus of communication, the visual identity of the platform needed to fit seamlessly into the existing branding. Therefore, the heritage of the mother brand is made visible in the product.

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As the Pratus platform is the core of Disaster Tech, its new visual identity needed to be applied to the UI as well. During a brief audit of their existing user interface, several issues occurred that needed to be resolved in line with the new design. Therefore, we made improvements to the usability of the platform, making it more intuitive and practical for its users. Above all, we worked on the dashboard, the map view, and the organizational view. We also adapted the general layout, reorganizing the navbar and sidebar to provide an optimal user experience. By redefining and designing elements like bars, buttons, and tables, we reached a cohesive, improved user experience across the whole Pratus platform. The next step was to incorporate the new brand aesthetic into the platform. For the sidebar, we designed icons that represent different applications within the digital product, such as alerts or the map view. Colors play an important role in risk management; the color palette used was carefully chosen to be distinct enough to summarize visually important elements but calm enough to offer a smooth user experience. These colors are represented in elements such as risk and alert status, projects, and in the map view, where they immediately give an overview of incidents. Not only colors are used to organize and categorize different types of incidents on the platform, but we also created shapes that differentiate forms of disasters such as earthquakes or fires.

"Great teamwork and great listeners."

They are great listeners and take feedback well and constructively to improve the end products which align with our company mission. They were on time and flexible.

Sean Griffin

Pratus CEO

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