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Accelerate construction permits with AI

Permio is the one-stop solution for streamlining and approving construction permits in the US. Its AI smart assistant Mio takes on permitting tasks and a dedicated team of experts ensures the success of every project. With a predictive dashboard, construction projects are kept on track and budget.

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Permit delays and denials lead to hundreds of billions in costs and lost economic activity in the US construction industry. Permio, a novel AI-powered application by industry leader Service First Permits, assists users in reducing the risk of delays caused by building permit denials. Our role was to create a brand identity and a landing page that would effectively communicate their mission: making it simple and easy for anyone to obtain all the building permit approvals needed to complete a construction project, without being an expert.

Concept & Strategy

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the Strategy

Of prime importance for this branding project was the focus on communicating a disruptive, precise, and innovative tool, with a swift AI assistant facilitating building approvals for everyone. Around these cornerstones we developed a bold brand, conveying user-friendliness, approachability, and enhanced decision-making for construction professionals. The idea of AI is translated into dynamic shapes and gradients, hinting at the use of intelligent, next-gen tools.


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Permio's web is characterized by engaging movements, vivid colors, and a blocky structure reminding of the construction industry. The above-the-fold in the form of a 3D video render presents abstract architecture, conveying the idea of dynamic movement and the construction of a building. Across the landing page, animations and UI elements depict the product's features, including the dashboard and its AI smart assistant, in an easy-to-understand way. Visual and verbal identity match perfectly, both bold yet approachable. Large headings create impact and mouseovers highlight important information with a smooth gradient animation.