Web Design for tech startups

An engaging website with branded storytelling, fully customized design, and smooth user journeys converts prospects into clients. By utilizing the most agile technologies, we ensure top performance, accessibility, and scalability.

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Web Design & Development

Web Structure

The website as a whole and each page for itself need to be clearly structured and precise in design and copy. User-friendly sitemaps, smooth user flows and neat information structure guarantee success and decrease bounce rates.

  • Sitemaps
  • Wireframes 
  • Copywriting
  • Content strategy 
  • SEO optimization
  • User flow optimization

Web Design

Whether you need a Landing Page or a full marketing website, creating impact with the first impression and establishing harmony along all visual elements is decisive. We convert your startup's website into a branded experience that boosts brand performance. 

  • Strategic design 
  • Branded illustrations 
  • Lottie animations 
  • Responsive design 
  • User experience design
  • Clickable prototype

Web Development

Performance, accessibility, and scalability are at the heart of our web development. With customized CMS, easy content upload, integration of different tools, and support in the launch, we ensure smooth deployment of your tech startup's new website.

  • Performance-focused development
  • Fully responsive website
  • Custom CMS 
  • Third-party integrations
  • QA testing
  • Deployment and launch
  • Web content editor guide

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Startup Web Design & Development Process

Branding & style

If you don’t have a brand identity yet—or perhaps just a vaguely defined one—we can help craft one from scratch or enhance the existing one. Taking this as a starting point, we apply your visual identity to all pages of your website and create branded illustrations and animations. 

Content, structure & wireframes

After you provide us with all the relevant information on the website's goals, target audience, and references, we create an initial sitemap and low-fidelity wireframes with the respective copy for each page. With your feedback, we reorganize elements, always guaranteeing usability and responsiveness.

Wireframing: An essential part of the Web Design process

Web Design

The first step of the web design phase is the homepage, which serves as the master layout. Once you've approved it, we apply it to the rest of the pages. Branded illustrations communicate your value and maximize brand visibility. Every detail is taken care of, including elements like icons and buttons.

Web Development

Once the layout is approved, your website enters the developmental phase. With Webflow we translate the designs into a fully functional website. Fast and easily scalable websites optimize not only user experience but also internal workflows: Customized CMS makes managing content a piece of cake.

Explanatory slide about the CMS: Part of the website documentation provided to the client

Testing & optimizations

Before the launch, we make sure that your website is SEO as well as desktop and mobile friendly. All legal pages, content, and other integrations are double-checked. You receive all the information on how to run your startup's website smoothly. In case you need additional support, we're also here after the launch.

4-12 weeks

from 5k EUR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do startups need a website?

Your website is your number one marketing tool: It is your unique opportunity to present your product, promote your business and show the world that you exist. Investors will use your website as the main point of reference, making it an indispensable brand touchpoint if you want to reach the next growth phase and gain traction. 

What makes a good website?

Your website shouldn't be a programming challenge but should stand out from competitors with aesthetically pleasing design and excellent performance. Authentic and strategic branding and intuitive user journeys make your tech product and your whole company more approachable, converting prospects into clients. A fully customized CMS guarantees that your team is able to manage content easily, increasing workflow efficiency and optimizing resources. From the homepage to the tiniest branded elements on your website, each detail helps to increase brand awareness and gives value to your venture.

How much does a startup website usually cost?

For early-stage startups, we recommend a website under 10k. You can start out with a compact website that shows the world that you exist, attract investors and talent and build out all other pages later. For startups that already have funding and first traction, we recommend spending between 15 and 25k on web design and development, depending on the verticals and KPIs you might have.

How long does it take until launch?

We are just as agile as your startup is. On average, a website design can take up to 4-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the website and the content that goes with it. If you need a brand enhancement beforehand, the timing of our web design for startups also varies. Every project is different; so if you have a deadline, please let us know so we can make any adjustments. 

"They showed very strong technical knowledge."

José Cabaço

Enlitia Marketing

"They took our business goals as serious constraints that they designed around."

Aaron Szymanski

Augmenta Head of Product

"Fantastic work from the whole The Branx team!"

Alastair Bulger

Sikoia CCO & Co-Founder

"The Branx’s team effectively guided us through a comprehensive design process."

Noah Reimers

Andluca Business Development & Operations Lead

"They went above and beyond for us during the brand refresh project."

Vlad Akimenko

Placeholder Head of Growth

"As a team, we were very pleased with the open, friendly manners and prompt responses."

Frank Kuhn

Swipergy CEO

"Customers consistently compliment our logo and branding materials. The Branx's team was efficient, creative, and communicative."

Spriha Tucker

Aviator Co-founder

"Their sense of urgency and quality of service is impressive."

Maya Liberman

Impro COO & Co-Founder

"They truly care about our business and our needs. We are impressed by their creative work."

Connie Tai

Instruqt CMO

"The project was a game-changer in terms of our confidence and stepping into a larger role in the industry."

Carly Romeo

LineSlip Marketing Director

"They asked every question that needed to be asked, and they dealt with every detail of our project."

Max Dordevic

NeuroX1 CEO

"I felt they wanted me to succeed, unlike those other agencies who only wanted to add me to their portfolio."

Sydney Zuckerman

Co-Pilot CEO & Founder

"Their speed of new ideas and quality of design was most impressive."

Anthony Peake

Intelligent AI CEO

"I believed great results would not be possible without the amazing combination of talent and personality of the team."

Niels Mueller-Wickop

JoinMyTrip CEO

"They really are artistic geniuses!"

Tarik Shaheen

Evolve01 Founder & CEO

"They have not missed a single deadline."

Dimitri Kassubeck

Moby Analytics CEO & Founder

"They did everything possible to make sure we were taken care of."

Anton Boner

Screenloop Co-Founder & Commercial Director