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Fintech / Insurtech branding projects

Fintech startups should be clear and trustworthy in money talk—their branding solutions need to portray a professional business that can be understood at first sight. Crafting a Fintech brand that communicates on a professional, reliable yet approachable level is key to success.

An industry where it is all about money: with the Fintech space being worth $179 billion in 2023 and having doubled its market share in the last six years, money talk is not an easy thing, though. 28,489 fintech startups need not only appeal to investors but also talk finance to their users.  They need to understand why they should opt for and stick to the solution—the same goes for investors and stakeholders, as their number one priority is profitability.

Thus, a strong Fintech brand is crucial to gain traction, decrease churn rate, and increase profit.

Fintech / Insurtech startups need a strong brand to activate users and attract investment.

Growth of the Fintech industry since 2017.
Fintech startups worldwide in 2023.
CAGR of the Fintech market annually.

In order to appeal to clients, deep industry research and studies on user behaviour should be a priority. Strategic branding for Fintech startups helps to ease the money talk, communicate tech solutions, and reach short and long-term business goals:

Outstanding visual identity

Make your mark in the finance sector with a consistent, tech yet exciting visual identity for your Fintech startup.

Professional website

Convert interests into users and users into loyal subscribers with an easy to use, trustworthy Fintech website.

Easy money talk

Communicate your Fintech solution with easy-to-understand motion videos that give authority and trust to your startup.

Smooth product launch

Launch your Fintech product with branded UI for a frictionless experience that increases user retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does branding for Fintech startups include?

Branding is more than just a logo; the most basic elements of the visual identity include color palette, typography, and illustrational style, with clear guidelines on their usage. This visual identity ideally is applied to all brand touchpoints: from the website, social media, marketing and sales collateral to company and product videos that communicate the benefits of the tech solution in a way that every user can easily understand. To reach brand consistency, it should also be reflected in the UI design system.

Why is branding important for Fintech startups?

Taking for granted that money talk is not an easy thing, Fintech startups need to communicate their solution in the way they deserve. Since 2017, the Fintech market has more than doubled its size, with an annual CAGR of 16.8%*. Strategic branding with a visual identity that fully reflects the brand personality and explains tech product in an easily to understand way helps attracting investment, gaining traction, and increasing customer retention rate. Also, a well-established brand often allows a startup to charge premium prices for its products or services, consequently increasing its profit.  All this is crucial, as investors are looking to see the profitability of a Fintech startup.

*Sources: Deloitte, Crunchbase

How much does branding a Fintech startup cost?

When we talk about branding, we don't just mean creating a logo. Branding is an integral component of your company: your story, your personality, and the essence that expresses your vision. A lot of research and work goes into your brand, and all the components we create are fully custom-made and designed according to your needs.

Typically, market prices will range between 20 to 80k according to Techcrunch. The cost of our branding for startups begins at 12k, depending on your branding goals and needs. We are happy to receive your inquiry and to provide you with a detailed quote.

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