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What are you
expecting to find here? :)
What are you
expecting to find here? :)

The Best Branding for your startup

The Branx is a branding agency for startups, specialised in designing digital brands and high-end websites. We believe in creating strong brands right from the beginning.
Brand Identity
People do not solely buy products or services; they buy brands with a purpose. By providing unique brand experiences, your company is able to convert potential users into brand ambassadors and differentiate you from competitors.

Here are some ways we can help you build your brand:

naming / logo / visual & verbal identity / brand strategy / values / branding workshops / positioning / brand system / rebranding
Website design
We use innovative and groundbreaking technologies in web design and development to bring digital solutions to life. Our aim is to help you increase conversions, traffic, and customer loyalty.

These are our capabilities to help you with your website:

responsive web design / web development / e-commerce / CMS / web animations / Webflow / Wordpress / Figma
Product & MVP development
We believe great brands should have great products. That's why The Branx has invested heavily in building the knowledge and the agile mentality to create meaningful product experiences. We use the most agile technology to provide you with a product you will be able to manage and scale.

product design / screen design / UX / UI / UI Design System / lowcode MVP / nocode MVP / prototyping / Database / SAAS / marketplaces
Marketing & Communication
Don't create noise, let's create effective communication that engages your audience and ultimately helps you reach your objectives. This can be either creating brand awareness, building a community, or increasing your leads and conversions.

We'll help you define & create the right communication strategy:

digital campaigns / go-to-market / social media kits / motion graphics / brand video / explainer videos / pitch deck design / email automatisation

Recent startup projects

Currently working on

United States
Rebranding for a risk management platform
Branding & UX for a traveltech platform
Rebranding for a virtual IT lab
United States
Rebranding for a B2B retail SaaS
Rebranding for an IT consulting firm
United States
Branding & web for a workflow mgmt startup

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