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Sustainability branding projects

Sustainability startups need to leverage the growing awareness and market demand for sustainable products and services—branding solutions for this sector must communicate a sophisticated brand with an actionable, trustworthy approach to make their business mission a reality.

The market share of green businesses is growing: 9,863 sustainability startups are competing for investment and clients. Whether it is green energy, recycling, sustainable materials, or food tech, high upfront costs and long payback periods can place hurdles when it comes to raising funding, though. Also, finding partners and demonstrating the scalability of the solution is crucial for sustainability startups.

Thus, a professional brand that creates trust among stakeholders and interests is crucial.

Sustainability startups need a strong brand to find partners and gain trust and investment.

Of companies use climate-friendly technology.
Raised by Sustainability startups since 2018.
CAGR of the Sustainability market annually.

In order to create partnerships and raise funding, strategic branding for Sustainability startups helps reach short- and long-term success on every level:

Appealing visual identity

Make an impression and prepare your Sustainability startup for growth with a consistent, powerful visual identity.

Unique website experience

Create a professional website that clearly communicates your vision in order to gain traction and interest.

Enhanced communication

Imagine the future in a way everyone can understand. Motion graphics bring your sustainable solution across.

Holistic brand strategy

Reflect your mission and vision across the whole brand to fully incorporate the strategy of your Sustainability startup.

Our Sustainability case studies

Materials with flow & form


The future of animal-free protein 


Smart glass. Now wireless

Cleantech / Energy
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Enlightening the future

Cleantech / Energy
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Artificial Intelligence

Computational neuroscience

B2B SaaS
Health tech

Frequently Asked Questions

What does branding for Sustainability startups mean?

Strategic branding helps to show the world what you already know: that your Cleantech, Climate tech, or Biotech startup is offering a top-notch solution that can drive change and have a positive impact on the whole planet. Our strategic branding approach positions your brand strategically in the market, keeping in mind competition and your core values. Based on industry research, our design and marketing expertise, and your branding goals, each decision is tailored to your business.

Why is branding important for Sustainability startups?

Not only does the technology of a Sustainability startup need to stand out from competition, you also have to gain the trust of investors, stakeholders, partners, and clients on a company-wide level. Since 2018, the 9,893 Sustainability startups have raised $133B and the annual CAGR of the Sustainability market has reached 20.8%*. Standing out in such a dense industry is not easy; powerful branding helps your business stand out from the crowd, attract investors, and establish trust among them. It will allow you to focus on developing your sustainable solution and maximizing the value of your venture.

*Sources: Crunchbase, Fortune Business Insights, Travelperk

What does branding of a Sustainability startup cover?

A visual identity is more than just a logo; the most basic branding elements includes color palette, typography, and illustrational style, with clear guidelines on their usage. This visual identity ideally is applied to all brand touchpoints: from the website, social media, marketing and sales collateral to company and product videos. To reach brand consistency, it should also be reflected in the UI design system.

How much does branding a Sustainability startup cost?

When we talk about branding, we don't just mean creating a logo. Branding is an integral component of your company: your story, your personality, and the essence that expresses your vision. A lot of research and work goes into your brand, and all the components we create are fully custom-made and designed according to your needs.

Typically, market prices will range between 20 to 80k according to Techcrunch. The cost of our branding for startups begins at 12k, depending on your branding goals and needs. We are happy to receive your inquiry and to provide you with a detailed quote.

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