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Materials with flow & form

The sustainability startup Rheom is pioneering the bio-based materials market. They partner with companies to discover innovative, sustainable solutions across the fashion, home goods, automotive, and electronics industries. 

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Rheom Materials, former Bucha Bio Inc., is revolutionizing the way consumer goods are fabricated. Melt extrusion technology enables them to create sustainable solutions with bio-based materials: alternatives for animal leather, plastic leather, and other nonwovens, as well as for plastic and synthetic pellets, among others. The startup approached us to craft an appealing brand identity and website that would highlight their value proposition and help them establish their new brand. 

Concept & Strategy

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the Strategy

The company name was the guiding principle for the branding exercise: “Rheom” is a combination of the Greek word “rheo”, meaning “flow”, and “form”. Representing the mixing and melt processing of the composite materials and the multiple product lines that can be made out of them, the visual identity is all about communicating this harmony between flow and form. As one of the key differentiators of Rheom is their close collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, the brand needs to convey approachability, while also being innovative and disruptive.


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Rheom's website is characterized by its lightweight style and subtle animations that breathe life into the web and engage users. To achieve balance, we use uppercase letters for headings, overlines, and CTAs to make a bold statement and give authority to the brand. Dark green CTAs and orange elements add disruptive highlights to the web experience. Branded animations explain the business model of the sustainability startup effectively. The animated above-the-fold of the homepage depicts Rheom's value proposition at first sight: it shows the evolution from bio-based components to composite materials and, finally, to the end product. 

"It was just what we needed."

Their ability to simplify complex technical explanations into simple animations was vital for this project. The Branx went above and beyond for us and did a great job communicating. We love our new website and branding!

Marlies Jongens

Rheom Branding & Marketing Coordinator

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