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Enlitia is building the first Algorithm Ecosystem for sustainable energy companies. The cleantech startup uses centralized asset data, energy insights, and predictive analytics to help streamline operations and drive growth and performance, contributing to the transition to a more sustainable world.
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Brand Strategy
When Enlitia initially reached out to us, they were known as Smartwatt Intelligence, part of the Bonera Group, a company with over 70 years of experience in the energy industry. This spin-off startup wanted to become an independent and renowned brand in the cleantech sector with their Algorithm Ecosystem, relying on AI to enhance energy asset performance. We took on the challenge of creating their new identity, encompassing naming, branding, and website creation.
To kick-off the project, we held a brand strategy workshop with the Enlitia team. This workshop focused on determining the strategic direction, an integral part of the entire branding process. Enlitia was to establish its own brand, representing a separate solution independent from Smartwatt. Therefore, we facilitated exercises on Brand Positioning, Brand Archetypes, and Tone of Voice to craft a distinctive verbal and visual identity. Enlitia aims to position itself as a robust and confident brand, offering a unique value proposition and an explanatory approach to AI. The matching Brand Archetypes, hence, would be the Creator and the Sage: on the one hand daring and inspirational, on the other knowledgeable and guiding. The cleantech startup should speak to its audience in a professional and enthusiastic manner, without being too formal or romantic.
The goal of the naming was to convey the innovative nature of the startup, focusing on their unique value proposition of adding explainability to AI asset data within the cleantech sector. Hence, it was fundamental to establish a connection between its name and the field. We came up with a neologism combining the idea of enlightenment and artificial intelligence. It is based on “enlighten”, meaning to give someone greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation, in this case for energy data. Enlitia is, thus, the sum of explainability and transparency, analytics, and AI—a powerful yet approachable name to pioneer the way in finding solutions to renewable energy challenges.
The sum of explainability and transparency, analytics and artificial intelligence. The perfect hybrid. An extraordinary result.
Definition of "englighten": give someone greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.
The handcrafted logotype is designed to be compact, with the initial letter “E” having the same height as the lowercase letters. The funnel concept, representing a funnel acting as a filter, organizing and optimizing the light passing through, can be seen in the letters “E” and “t”. When the “E” is used as a favicon, this idea is also clearly visible, making every branding element representative of a strong, sophisticated brand. The logo suggests a tech company with a digital look and feel, with round details and smooth lowercase letters adding a notion of balance and approachability.
Illustration explaining the lighning funnel concept. Energy data is analyzed by an algorithm and transformed into intelligent solutions.
The funnel concept is present in the wordmark of inlitia in the letters E and T.
Innovation, trust, and sustainability—these ideas are representative of Enlitia and also of its brand colors. Black as the primary color establishes trust for the startup, while Forest Green and Alabaster Green directly indicate nature, representative of the cleantech sector. For accents, we use Lemon Yellow to evoke a techie, progressive notion while maintaining a nature-related and charming style
By strategically choosing two types of fonts, we establish an effective visual connection to Enlitia's value proposition, even in tiny details. For body texts and headlines, we use two Barlow fonts: a slightly rounded, low-contrast grotesk type family with high readability. Its light style conveys a sense of speed and agility—reflective of a ray of light and Enlitia's algorithm ecosystem. To further emphasize a technological look and feel, we use the Rajdhani font for overlines, which has a squared and futuristic appearance.
Visual with the typography used for Enlitia, Barlow.
As the Cleantech sector is characterized by a blend of nature and technology, the imagery of Enlitia needed to reflect this connection. Therefore, we used a combination of landscape photography, custom-made illustrations, and animations to appeal to the target audience while communicating effectively the tech product's benefits. The combination of green, earthy colors in the photographs and the carefully defined color palette creates an appealing visual identity with unlimited usability. Additionally, the funnel concept runs like a red thread through Enlitia's branding. It can be recognized in the abstract yet simple shapes of the icons, powerful and unique at the same time; adding recognizability of the new brand. Also, it evokes a notion of progress, creativity, and innovation.
Illustration in the style of the visual identity of Enlitia, representing solar and wind energy.
Illustrative icons in the visual identity of Enlitia.
Motion & Video
The explainer video we created for the cleantech startup was the final highlight of the Enlitia project. On-point copy, branded illustrations and animations, and exciting additional video content combine perfectly with inspiring background music and voice-over.
Up until now, the final step of the project was launching Enlitia's brand-new website. At first, we structured the content in an approachable way and crafted appealing copy in an easy-to-read, yet professional and sophisticated style. Complex technical jargon was translated into concise user-friendly language, always keeping in mind Enlitia's brand personality and tone of voice. Engaging headings and descriptive texts combine seamlessly with the strategically positioned animated illustrative elements and the overall visual identity. Clickable and collapsible elements improve usability and enable prospects and stakeholders to easily digest the content without distractions. The web establishes Enlitia as an innovative, trustworthy player in the market, pioneering the way to a more sustainable future via the use of the latest technology.
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Launching Enlitia
Enlitia announced their new company with drums and trumpets: On their Linkedin profile, the team celebrated the launch with their logo reveal video we created and also with this enlightening video, giving a sneak-peak of their office—branded down to the last detail. Thanks to the entire team for your trust in us. We are sure you will enlighten the renewable energy sector with your ground-breaking Algorithm Ecosystem.
Photograph of one of the team members of Enlitia speeking at the company presentation. In the background, you can see a slide of a presentation, next to the person a neon light in form of the Enlitia logo.

Video credits: Enlitia Linkedin

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