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The SaaS startup Zero-True provides a platform to streamline collaboration on projects involving complex data analysis, ML, and AI. They provide a smart and efficient way for data scientists to build and work together on data applications.

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Zero-True was designed for collaboration. Their brand needs to convey a progressive, accessible, and simple solution to attract their target audience: data analysts and data scientists. However, as data is a delicate topic, the branding approach for the SaaS startup must not be too playful; it should establish trust among their users. The goal was to create Zero-True's visual identity, their UI design system, and brand communication materials.

Concept & Strategy

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To convey the key brand messages of modularity, ease of use, and speed, we developed our ideas around the concept of “The simplicity of modularity”. A trapezoid serves as the basic element: it can be multiplied to form other shapes that evoke ideas of power, growth, and computing. Thus, it is the foundation of their visual identity and the user interface of their product.


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In line with their branding, we designed a component toolkit to be used across their website and their product and the dashboard for the SaaS platform, which is also characterized by its user-friendly and collaborative design. Simplicity and ease of use were at the core of developing the UI design elements of the data notebook, reflected in the strategic use of the brand colors and typography.

"The quality of the work and flexibility of the team were extremely impressive."

They went above and beyond with their branding and UI design work. The Branx led proactive and timely project management and provided quick responses.

Red Giuliano

Zero-True CEO

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