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Paxafe enables businesses to streamline their supply chain processes and make informed decisions on risk assessment. This helps companies identify and address any issues before they become costly and damaging whilst reducing costs and saving resources.
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Upon researching the market and acquiring more knowledge on the product, it became evident that Paxafe's platform is a groundbreaking solution for managing intricate supply chains and assessing risk. Therefore, the communicative strategy of the SaaS platform has to be approachable and the product easy to grasp for teams in the supply chain industry.
In order to enhance the overall brand image and attract prospects, the first step was to tweak and strengthen PAXAFE's current brand identity by making minor changes to their logo and color scheme. Subsequently, we designed a website that would accurately depict their intricate product and incorporated a complex animation to add a narrative element. Also, we integrated branded illustrations to ensure the understanding of the complex supply chain platform.
Besides black for backgrounds and industrial shades of blueish grey to establish trust and represent the integrity of the product, the brand colors needed to integrate a palette ranging from red to green – red is known as a warning sign and green as a safe color. We not only used these colors as risk indicators but also for highlights and accents.
Visual showing the color palette of Paxafe. It consists of black, green, blue, white as primary colors and light green and bronze as accent tones.
As for typography, we chose N27, an avant-grotesk font family. Due to its high legibility and straightforwardness, it perfectly fits PAXAFE's visual identity, representing an industrial touch. This futuristic font style has its own unique character, but still remains legible thanks to the high contrast at the points of junction.
Visual showing the font used for Paxafe, N27.
N27™ font / atipo® independent digital typeface foundry
Visual with the N27 font used for Paxafe.
Visual showing the ercentage 82% in the Paxafe font.
For the imagery, we looked for images that would unify the topic of transport with data visibility and would match perfectly with the color scheme. After several adaptations, we went for images where the concept of bringing clarity to dark scenes is represented, as the main goal of PAXAFE is to bring visibility into the supply chain. Sunset and golden light reflected on roads make them a perfect fit for PAXAFE's visual identity.
Four pictures in the imagery style of Paxafe: a glade, a motorway, trucks on the highway, and a container ship heaven.
Due to the need to ensure that website users understood the complex software, we focused on creating illustrative animations, as they are great tools for communicating the capabilities of the SaaS platform. Our main animation on PAXAFE's homepage reflects and contextualizes the level of risk and displays the corresponding solution. In combination with the color palette, illustrations and animations showcase PAXAFE's strengths whilst maintaining simplicity and their visual identity. 

Branded illustration showing a calculation within the Paxafe software.

Simplified UI illustrations.

Visual representing the sectors that the Paxafe software can be used for: Pharmacy, food and beverages, cold chain, and other companies.
The platform helps businesses to automate the supply chain process and eliminate manual effort, improving efficiency and reducing costs. The primary objective of our web design project was to convey this message. PAXAFE's website serves as the principal source of information for potential customers of the supply chain industry. Hence, it must transmit the main tools and advantages of the platform at first sight. In order to reach this, the effective combination of visual – static as well as moving – and textual elements was key in the web design and development phase. The outcome was an engaging website with various subpages and illustrations depicting the distinct software solutions such as predicted time of arrival and temperature prediction. By doing so, the benefits of AI-enabled intelligence for different industries are presented in a lightweight way.
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For Paxafe's branding and website, we're proud to have received an Honorable Mention on Awwwards.