Communication for tech startups

Powerful and engaging communication tells your story and connects your tech startup with your audience. By finding the right words and the most efficient strategy, we ensure your written material supports your brand.

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Brand Messaging & Verbal Strategy

Aligning verbal and visual identity is at the heart of our brand messaging. To get your value proposition across clearly and help position your tech startup in the market, we elaborate a strategic messaging framework.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic positioning
  • Tone of voice
  • Mission, vision, purpose
  • Brand messaging framework

Brand Copywriting

Tailored texts resonate with your audience across platforms and effectively communicate your tech startup's value. We translate your technical jargon into concise user-friendly language, adding explainability to your products.

  • Landing page copy
  • Website copy
  • Slogans
  • Storytelling
  • Product copywriting
  • UX writing

Strategic Brand Communication

Strategic communication across different touchpoints transmits your value to stakeholders and raises brand awareness. With the overall brand strategy as starting point, we create copy for distinct channels but with cohesive messaging.

  • Marketing Plan
  • Launch Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sales presentations
  • Branded Pitch Decks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is aligning verbal and visual identity important for startups?

Verbal and visual identity go hand in hand. Although visuals catch users' attention in the blink of an eye, words are the secret ingredient that converts them into clients or causes them to bounce. This is why it is important to elaborate on a comprehensive, strategic approach to branding that covers visual as well as written elements. Also, slogans often form part of key brand visuals, making them an integral part of your brand messaging. During the whole branding process, we ensure that your goals and brand personality are reflected in each asset. Especially for tech startups, a sophisticated, well-aligned verbal and visual identity is essential to communicate their value. 

In which languages do you realize brand communication projects?

Our multidisciplinary and international team uses English as a lingua franca, but we are native speakers of Spanish and German as well. Due to the location of our tech startup clients and their target audience— the majority is situated in the USA, Canada or in the UK—, we realize most projects in English. It is the number one tech language, understood and used by the vast majority of tech companies worldwide, as complex tech products and processes can be explained in an easily understandable way. 

"They showed very strong technical knowledge."

José Cabaço

Enlitia Marketing

"They took our business goals as serious constraints that they designed around."

Aaron Szymanski

Augmenta Head of Product

"Fantastic work from the whole The Branx team!"

Alastair Bulger

Sikoia CCO & Co-Founder

"The Branx’s team effectively guided us through a comprehensive design process."

Noah Reimers

Andluca Business Development & Operations Lead

"They went above and beyond for us during the brand refresh project."

Vlad Akimenko

Placeholder Head of Growth

"As a team, we were very pleased with the open, friendly manners and prompt responses."

Frank Kuhn

Swipergy CEO

"Customers consistently compliment our logo and branding materials. The Branx's team was efficient, creative, and communicative."

Spriha Tucker

Aviator Co-founder

"Their sense of urgency and quality of service is impressive."

Maya Liberman

Impro COO & Co-Founder

"They truly care about our business and our needs. We are impressed by their creative work."

Connie Tai

Instruqt CMO

"The project was a game-changer in terms of our confidence and stepping into a larger role in the industry."

Carly Romeo

LineSlip Marketing Director

"They asked every question that needed to be asked, and they dealt with every detail of our project."

Max Dordevic

NeuroX1 CEO

"I felt they wanted me to succeed, unlike those other agencies who only wanted to add me to their portfolio."

Sydney Zuckerman

Co-Pilot CEO & Founder

"Their speed of new ideas and quality of design was most impressive."

Anthony Peake

Intelligent AI CEO

"I believed great results would not be possible without the amazing combination of talent and personality of the team."

Niels Mueller-Wickop

JoinMyTrip CEO

"They really are artistic geniuses!"

Tarik Shaheen

Evolve01 Founder & CEO

"They have not missed a single deadline."

Dimitri Kassubeck

Moby Analytics CEO & Founder

"They did everything possible to make sure we were taken care of."

Anton Boner

Screenloop Co-Founder & Commercial Director