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Computational neuroscience

NeuroX1 is a computational neuroscience startup creating the next generation of therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders. Their technology improves upon existing in silico drug design to reduce both financial and computational expense by creating higher-efficacy molecules with fewer side effects.

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NeuroX1 is a software company that is building a platform to better understand learning and memory pathways in the brain – also known as synaptic plasticity. They create the next generation of neurotherapeutic drugs for attention, memory, and neurodegenerative disorders. The objective of this project was to elevate and revamp their brand, develop a new and improved website, and ensure consistency along all relevant touchpoints. The new branding would be applied to all relevant communication materials such as their new pitch deck, press release templates, and social media.

Concept & Strategy

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the Strategy

Following the brand personality of Neurox1, the concept we developed focuses on progression and innovation while maintaining a close connection to the company’s USP. The branding concept is inspired by a synapse, which consists of two connected neurons that transfer pieces of information. A synapse is the basic structural and functional component for neural communication in the brain, so we created a visual identity that represents the interconnection of biology and technology with the scientific expertise of Neurox1.


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the Web

The aim of NeuroX1’s website was to inform patients with neurodegenerative diseases about this new technology and motivate them to take part in their tests, as well as drawing potential investors and candidates. We used high-contrast sections and small animations across the web design to engage users.

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