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Impro is a cutting-edge management software that provides data-driven coaching, mentoring, and consulting. By using the latest AI technology, Impro is able to analyze data from multiple sources and provide actionable insights that can help improve management efficiency and effectiveness, thus maximizing productivity and scalability.
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Brand Communication
Impro initially started as a coaching platform, but they soon found out that organizations would benefit from a more systemic approach. As a result, they created further offerings that would encompass mentoring and overall company consulting. Impro approached us to help them with their rebranding and web design since their value proposition did not entirely reflect the full range of their capabilities. We worked together to refresh their brand identity, website design, and other brand applications along their phygital touchpoints. Currently, we are working on the UX/UI design of their platform.
Concept & Strategy
In the initial branding workshop, we learned more about Impro, their overall company vision, and their brand values. We helped them transform their image from a regular coaching company to an integrated management consultancy. As Impro is a hybrid between an AI-driven platform and a consulting company, our concept would be to combine both the human and the technological aspect of their product offering. We reached this by humanizing their branding with round shapes, dynamic, engaging colors and adding friendly illustrations as well as real portraits.
The logo represents Impro’s systemic methodology and the interconnection of coaching, mentoring, and consulting. The organic shape is designed to emphasize the uniqueness and infinite growth inherent in every individual. With human coaching on the one hand and AI-based technology on the other, Impro enables individual progress to fuel overall organizational growth.
Visual representing how the Impo logo is made: an arrow for growth, a signature for the human element, and a loop meaning systemic.
Two visuals, one of them the black Impro logo on a white background, on the other one the white Impro logo on a black background.
As defined in the initial brand discovery phase, Impro’s positioning is a hybrid between an innovative, disruptive startup and an experienced consulting company. This positioning was also considered when defining the color palette. Smoky Black represents trust and confidence while vividly contrasting against light backgrounds, whereas purple represents innovation. Finally, the complementary colors help communicate Impro’s dynamic and bold character, making the brand friendlier and more human.They pair perfectly with the primary color and shall be used for highlights.
Visual with the color palette of Impro: smoky black, purple blue, blue violet, blue jeans, shocking pink, mustard yellow.
We use just one typeface, the sans serif typeface IBM Plex Sans. IBM Plex Sans was initially designed to illustrate the unique relationship between mankind and machine: a perfect summary of what Impro is all about. The neutral, yet friendly Grotesque style typeface is used in different variations for headlines, call-to-actions, and body copy with excellent legibility in print, web, and mobile interfaces.
Visual with the typography of Impro: the sans serif IBM Plex Sans.
The branded patterns consist of various single and organic lines to represent each individual’s growth and, ultimately, the growth of the entire organization. They serve as the main decorative elements and are always boldly displayed in the background. The brand icons are the visual expression of Impro’s core values and tools. Simple and light yet sophisticated, they communicate the core idea and components of the brand. People are at the heart of what Impro does, which is why people and portrait photography are a fundamental aspect of Impro’s branding. Each person has their own ‘mission’ with endless room for personal and professional growth. Impro’s photography style conveys friendliness, authenticity, and inclusion. The color, composition and feel should engage viewers and make them feel represented and empowered.
Visual with.a picture of a woman looking at a tablet on the left. On the right, a visual with a text saying: performance consulting for your executives.
Five branded illustrative icons for Impro: they show abstract visualizations of team players, enthusiastic, aspiring, creative, humble.
Impro connects technology with humanity. The products are represented through simplified illustrations combined with color portraits haloed by organic, custom-shaped circles. As a second set of illustrations, we created seven icons that would represent the different skills necessary for teamwork. From time management and attention to detail, to remote working and motivation, we created seven totally different layouts.
Two gifs, both of them showing part of the user interace and branded illustrations for Impro.
Motion & Video
Every online platform requires additional explanation at some stage: Impro needed a tutorial video to facilitate onboarding. This tutorial video covers the whole user journey from receiving the welcome email to adjusting profile settings. In line with the visual identity and with subtle animations of the UI screens, it explains the Impro platform step by step.
To demonstrate how user-friendly and engaging the Impro platform is for every human, our team built various animated parts throughout Impro’s marketing website: simplified product illustrations, product dashboards, and the entire coaching process. Additionally, we designed UI kit components to relevant and corresponding sections of the digital project.
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For Impro, it is crucial to convey their dynamic spirit on all platforms, so functional and innovative UX/UI design is a primary need for their brand identity. In order to meet their ongoing UX/UI design needs, we are currently working on the redesign of their old web application. Stay tuned to see the final results.
Visual showing the mobile version of the website of Impro.
We adapted all of Impro's marketing and sales collateral to the new brand look and feel. Currently, we are also helping them to foster growth by collaborating on marketing material such as product road maps.
Three T-Shirts with branded illustrations in the Impro style.
A sticker with a branded illustration in the Impro style on a laptop.

"Their sense of urgency and quality of service is impressive."

The outcome of the branding process was astonishing and elevated our positioning. The combination of artistic taste with commercial overview makes their attitude unique and engaging, ensuring accurate and professional results.

Maya Liberman

Impro COO & Co-Founder

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