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Scaling eCommerce efficiently

Gooten is a Print on Demand and order fulfillment company. Based in the US, they are operating worldwide to help SMBs and enterprises scale with efficiency and overcome operating challenges with their innovative order management system OrderMesh.

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The goal of the project was on the one hand to refresh Gooten's branding and on the other hand to create a branding for their new sub-brand OrderMesh: it should integrate seamlessly into the brand architecture and align harmoniously with the mother brand. The rebranding of Gooten should appeal to new customers and resonate with their existing client base, while also reflecting their business growth.

Brand Strategy

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The strategy workshop with the Gooten marketing team initiated our project, laying the groundwork for brand design. Brand architecture and strategy were central elements in this branding exercise, shaping the visual and verbal identity of both Gooten and OrderMesh. An endorsed brand architecture was decided to be the best fit, reflected in shared characteristics. Accordingly, we pinpointed brand personality traits—professionalism, innovation, authority, and exclusivity—that guided us in crafting distinct identities. Gooten emphasizes scaling e-commerce efficiently and meeting diverse business needs. The right position between an elite and an approachable brand needed to be defined. OrderMesh is targeted at a more tech-savvy audience, therefore, its brand personality is centered around a more exclusive approach, which is reflected in graphics and text elements.


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Based on OrderMesh's visual identity, we designed a possible UI system for the platform. Via the dashboard, we visualized how the style of the brand can be applied to buttons, tables, and icons. The dark background combined with accents in High-tech Gradient creates a straightforward and user-friendly platform with neat and professional aesthetics.

"The graphic design really impressed us. They created amazing visuals."

The Branx was able to create some amazing visuals that really resonated with our team. The team was detail-oriented, and responsive, and kept us on track.

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