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Making every interview count

Screenloop is an interview intelligence platform that enables hiring teams to train interviewers with personalized AI-driven training modules. It aims to educate hiring teams while minimizing unconscious bias, two factors that are vital in creating high-performing and inclusive teams.

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Gone are the days of winging it and gut feeling; now the interview process can rely on consistent intelligence, and fast-growing companies can hire confidently. Using AI, the HR software enables interviewers to log transcripts, receive conversational prompts, allow hiring collaboration, easily score responses, and coach teams to ensure high-quality interviews. More holistically, Screenloop highlights any biases and ensures there is equality in the screening process.

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Every interview requires two people: the interviewer and the interviewee. Hiring goes both ways, so we wanted to put each party on either side of the hiring divide on the same level, embracing Screenloop’s brand values of humanity and equality. In our discovery phase, we enacted a roleplay to better understand the user personas. We gave each of them a face and a name so that they could be used for all internal communication. This focus on human beings should also be reflected in the branding, whilst also communicating the brand values of innovation. It was clear that the "loop" would be an essential element for the tech startup’s branding, as it represents structure, series, or process, on the one hand, and two persons on the other.


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Since the company's offering is digital, their website is the most important touchpoint for communicating their value and showcasing their product. We daringly used a dark, impactful header with strong and colorful imagery. We created small animations to keep users engaged and convert them into prospects. Creating the website was an ambitious task as the product was still being developed and the complexity was high due to the AI aspect. Therefore, we simplified the benefits in such a way that they could be understood by any stakeholder and created mock-ups that would highlight the product benefits. Roughly one year after the initial launch and the creation of a variety of new tools, we revamped their website in order to communicate their overall value proposition and benefits for hiring companies.