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The science of private investing

Meridian's AI-powered software tools for PE and broader private dealmaking industries automate monotonous dealmaking tasks and enable professionals to focus on creativity. Now, they can identify opportunities and anticipate risks faster and with greater accuracy.

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Using next-gen AI, Meridian is building the intersection of Fintech and AI to create the future of private dealmaking: they supercharge a firm's ability to source and evaluate new deals, manage its portfolio, and raise capital. The SaaS startup reached out to us to create a branding and a website that would help them communicate their value proposition.

Concept & Strategy

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Meridian's brand should be perceived as an exclusive and serious brand to create trust in the investment industry. However, a dynamic, forward-looking, and realistic notion also needed to be communicated to reach a younger generation of investors. The SaaS startup's name served as a starting point for creating its visual identity: a meridian is an imaginary line on the Earth's surface that connects the North and South Poles and is a reference point for measuring longitude.


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To make an abstract SaaS solution more tangible and to catch the attention of users, we included video material in the above-the-fold section of the homepage. It features videos of various tech sectors which provide examples of possible product use cases and show scenery related to big businesses. Accompanied by a subtle graph illustration that indicates growth, the header catches the user's eye before scrolling down to product benefits and features. These are depicted by animated illustrations, which enhance the understanding of the SaaS solution.