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Automated building design

Augmenta creates software that automates sustainable building design for the construction industry. The result: an industry that is able to construct sustainable, efficient buildings more quickly, safely, cheaply, and with dramatically less waste.

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Augmenta creates software that automates sustainable building design for the construction industry. They are an early-stage startup that has been working on its technology for over two years and was looking to transition out of stealth mode. They approached us to help them design and develop their website in order to announce themselves and their seed funding. After an initial brand enhancement defining their core brand elements, we helped them with their web design and development.


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the Strategy

The overall concept was translating construction-tech into a ‘futuristic’ deep-tech aesthetic. We aimed to combine precise, architectural, and engineering styles with blocky, bold shapes. After analyzing the briefing and information provided, we arranged the visual identity elements by importance and classified them in order of their susceptibility to change. This exercise enabled us to identify Layout, Typography & Color as the three brand elements with the highest potential to add brand identity markers.


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the Web

The layout is a mixture of editorial and blocky styles. The main challenge we had was translating the complex website design into Webflow, all the while considering how the layout would look on extra big screens, normal Desktop screens, and mobile. Thanks to the carefully prepared initial wireframes, the detailed briefing from the client, and close collaboration we could work on this project quickly, launching the brand and the initial holding page of approximately four pages in five weeks - just in time for their press release. Further pages were designed and built at a later stage.

"They took our business goals as serious constraints that they designed around."

The Branx developed a website that led to a large increase in inbound requests, functioning as the primary source for customer inquiries. They were efficient and met our tight schedule, responding extremely quickly to questions and change requests.

Aaron Szymanski

Augmenta Head of Product

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