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Revolear is revolutionizing digital dealmaking with their end-to-end platform for structuring, proposing, negotiating, and approving deals. Designed for humans with lightweight usability and powered by AI for optimized outcomes and analyses, Revolear is targeted at salespeople and their front-line managers.
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Creating a new brand from scratch is always exciting: this time, we have been working with industry experts from Salesforce and Veeva to craft the essence of Revolear. The main challenge for the website was to communicate its benefits and translate the technology, enhanced by AI, into easily understandable illustrations and appealing designs. The development of their digital deal platform and our efforts in branding, web, and motion design went hand in hand. Additionally, we created brand communication materials, including a company presentation video, a product demo video, and landing pages for their marketing website.
Concept & Strategy
Creativity, collaboration, deal: we combined these anchor points into one cohesive brand concept for the SaaS startup. While competitors focus on technology and try to appeal to the mass market, the founders of Revolear, with their deep industry expertise, aimed to create a brand suggesting exclusivity and a collaborative approach to digital dealmaking. Therefore, the goal was to develop a professional, trustworthy, serious, and elegant brand concept that would resonate with salespeople and managers.
The lowercase logo is complemented with symbols that evoke the idea of a flowchart: a diamond in the “r” and a dot at the end. These elements present dealmaking with an out-of-the-box concept, accentuating the modularity and flexibility of the process. In yellow and blue pastel colors, they provide friendly highlights to the otherwise black wordmark. The lowercase letters add approachability to the startup, as the overall brand communicates a serious, mature company.
The primary shades of the color palette are Pure White and Horizon Blue along with their grayscale variations. Obsidian Black is the main contrast color, which adds trust and seriousness to the SaaS company. For accents, we chose Radiant Yellow and Velvet Purple. While the Yellow tone communicates optimism, positivity, and friendliness, and invites users, the Purple shade conveys a sense of sophistication and elegance. Both colors are related to creativity and, thus, bring a human element to the brand. These accent colors are used in graphic elements or illustrations to energize the brand and enhance recognition.
Revolear's main font is Newsreader, an elegant serif font with pronounced stroke modulation that reflects a mature brand, matching perfectly with the illustrations and maintaining balance and harmony. For body texts, links, and buttons we use Poppins, a geometric font family with great readability.
Sample of the typography combination chose for Revolear
For the SaaS startup, we created an expanded visual language with a system of abstract, simple shapes. These branded shapes serve as the main decorative elements and translate traditional dealmaking associations such as “signing” into the digital realm. The same goes for the icons, which, inspired by the logotype, reinforce the brand identity and communicate different participants, steps, and actions in the dealmaking process. To communicate trust and seriousness and emphasize the human part of dealmaking, we included people photography with an Obsidian Black filter. Perfectly aligning with the other visual elements, they create powerful imagery.
Imagery example and simplified UI for Revolear brand
The illustration style of Revolear seeks to effectively communicate the comprehensive workflow and the importance of human collaboration in negotiations. We reached this by creating sneak peeks of simplified UI screens in line with the branding concept. The visuals capture the dynamic process of interaction, teamwork, and exchange of ideas involved in reaching agreements and closing deals.
Motion & Video
One of the project highlights was the video material: we created a company introduction video and a product demo video. The company video serves to introduce the problem statement and the solution, communicating the key benefits of Revolear's digital dealmaking platform. The product demo video guides you through the process of structuring, proposing, negotiating, and approving deals. It also highlights the flexibility and the collaborative approach of the end-to-end platform.
On Revolear's website, the whole branding comes together to communicate a trustworthy, professional, and elegant SaaS startup with an excellent solution. Besides the clickable video content in the above-the-fold of the homepage and the product page, we integrated subtle animations only sporadically yet strategically to highlight the content. Although it is a tech product, the website has a very human touch due to combining simplified product screens with people photography.
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We have been collaborating with Revolear on the design and development of marketing landing pages with the goal of generating product demo requests from visitors. In addition to our work on videos and landing pages, we've continued our collaboration with Revolear, extending their brand application across multiple touchpoints from social media, to presentations, and their UI design system.
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"They were the only ones that really got our startup needs."

They fully understood our startup needs, including starting with a small budget and then growing as we got more market feedback. Thank you The Branx for making us look good!

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