Workflow automation tool for developers

Aviator automates workflows for developers. No more broken builds, long code reviews, cumbersome merge processes, and flaky tests! Now developers are free from these mundane but necessary tasks and can focus on building instead.
San Francisco, USA
Brand Identity
Web Design & Development
Web Development
Motion & Illustrations
Aviator is a new brand and the mother company of several smaller, pre-existing companies and tools. They approached us to help them with their brand identity while merging with their main product ‘MergeQueue’, as well as other star products such as ‘FlakyBot’. Aviator’s aim is to supercharge developers and provide them with the relevant toolkit to build better and faster. After an initial brand discovery kick-off and mood boarding, we came up with their new brand identity, and designed and developed their website.
Concept & Strategy
The overall concept is based on their brand name Aviator. The product helps developers to automate their workflows; in other words, developers have a reliable auto-pilot while they focus on the real work. Throughout the entire branding exercise we made use of airplanes and aviation-related elements. The brand identity we composed includes all the key attributes such as progression, accessibility, and friendliness.
The isotype represents an aircraft flying into the sunset. At the same time, the plane forms an 'A', the initial letter of the brand. The typeface is a playful sans serif font which we smoothed and adapted, and the logo combines the two letters 'V' and 'I'.
When defining the color palette, we took into account Aviator’s target audience and positioning as well as an in-depth competitor analysis. We used a color scheme that deviates from the industry norm and stands out against competitors. Naple Yellow and Sherpa Green are the main colors with Sky Blue for accents and call-to-actions. Sunset Red and Sunrise Orange are used in branded illustrations, with Contrail White completing the palette.
Source is the family font for the brand. We use two versions of the same family to be clear and consistent: Source Sans 3, a sans serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces and for body text and headings; and a monospaced version of Source Code Pro for code snippets, highlights and overlines.
Aviator helps developers put mundane tasks on autopilot. Therefore, all branded illustrations include a set of code snippets, dashboards, and other branded elements inspired by the aviation sector. These elements are strategically used for example across the website of the SaaS company in order to draw attention to important sections and to make the product more approachable.
To demonstrate how customer-centric Aviator’s platform is, our team integrated various animated elements throughout their website. The highlight is a visual interpretation of the main steps in which Aviator helps simplify and improve workflows with their respective tools. It consists of a plane on a runway which symbolizes a timeline flanked by a set of illustrations demonstrating a before and after scenario.
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"Customers consistently compliment our logo and branding materials. The Branx's team was efficient, creative, and communicative."

They were very good at setting expectations. We had stages where we would communicate quite a bit, and stages where they needed time to do heads-down design work.

Spriha Tucker

Aviator Co-founder

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