Motion & Illustrations for tech startups

Illustrations and motion graphics draw a strong visual identity and depict complex tech products in a simple way. Tailored to your business, they professionally communicate your values and boost awareness.

Corporate illustration & animation

Brand Illustrations

Corporate tech illustrations help your business get the ball rolling. By defining and implementing a brand illustration system, we illustrate your product offering in a straightforward and cohesive way, strengthening your brand image.

  • Illustrative icons
  • Illustrative storytelling
  • Illustrations for presentations
  • Infographics 
  • Simplified UI

Motion Graphics & Branded Animations

By adding animated visual effects, we raise user experience to the next level and create a wow factor. Across your online touchpoints, bringing life into your design is crucial for higher engagement and session duration.

  • Animated logos
  • Animated titles
  • Animated illustrations
  • Animated infographics 
  • Character design and animation 
  • Web animations
  • Web micro-interactions

Motion Graphics Videos

Animated corporate videos with clear storytelling are the best way to showcase the unique features and benefits of your tech startup and its product. Prospects and stakeholders will find it easy to understand your offering.

  • Explainer videos
  • Logo reveal videos
  • Product videos 
  • Sizzle reels 
  • Showreels

Looking for something else?

Startup Motion Design Video Process

Kick-off & concept

According to the scope of the project, the process is adapted to your needs. All motion design and video elements are highly intertwined with your branding, so we might need to align these corporate assets. Together with you, we discuss all important elements of the video and strategically elaborate a concept that fits the needs of your startup.

Script & storyboard

For any video or animated content, we need to create a plot for impactful storytelling. In some cases, a script is necessary, which we take as the starting point; either you provide it or we create one. The storyboard serves as a visual blueprint or a master plan. It is a mix of motion, transitions, and shots. We will work on a simple mockup together and then replace the mockups with the final illustrations.

Aviator Storyboard

Voice-over & audio

To create a well-rounded and appealing video, sound elements are a crucial factor. With your input, we chose the music style that best fits your startup's brand identity. If the scope includes a voice-over, we contract the respective actor as soon as the script is finalized, so they can start with the voice recording.

Design & animation

The next step is to take the storyboard into design. Our motion design team puts steady graphic elements into action and communicates the story and values of your business in an impactful way. Your visual identity will be reflected in every element and all movements in line with your brand personality.

Finalizing & deliverables

After combining all design and acoustic elements, we ensure that every millisecond is perfectly adjusted. If everything runs like clockwork and you are happy with the result, you receive the deliverables ready for use on your website, social media, or other digital marketing materials.

Screenloop Explainer Video

Enlitia Company Launch Video

from 2 weeks

from 4k USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How important are brand illustrations for startups?

Corporate illustrations show different aspects of a startup whilst being identifiable with the brand’s wider image and message. They depict a tech product in a way that is easy to understand, delivering a clear message to the audience and helping attract and retain users’ interest. Consistent in style, illustrations raise brand awareness and create a well-rounded brand image. Additionally, they communicate sophistication and professionalism. We as a startup branding agency ensure a fully harmonic brand.

How do tech startups benefit from explainer videos?

Explainer videos are the go-to tool for presenting your business and your product in an appealing and engaging way. By summing up the most important features and translating them into a clear visual narrative in explainer videos or sizzle reels, you are able to explain complex tools and present your value to users and stakeholders in the space of minutes. As they enable prospects to understand your product benefits at first glance, explainer videos are essential for the success of any tech product. 

What is the average pricing and turnaround time of a motion graphics video?

Several factors determine the pricing and timing of an explainer video: animation style, animation technique, video duration, and audio. Also, every element of motion design is closely related to the visual brand identity of your startup. Therefore, pricing and timing might vary if you need to make adjustments or enhancements to your branding. 

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