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Moby Analytics aims to bridge the gap between technology and finance. It was founded in response to the communication problems experienced between finance professionals and technology experts. Their first product is an end-to-end, automated data analytics system for finance professionals. This is the first step toward a fully integrated financial, environmental, and social data analytics system.
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Moby Analytics helps auditors and investors gain in-depth insights and predictions through advanced analytics without the necessity to hire a data analyst. Their fully automated solution leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyze financial and operational data.
Concept & Strategy
We drew on the brand name Moby – reminiscent of the eponymous novel – to create a concept made up of oceans and financial data. We discussed the brand personality with the client, agreeing that friendly and accessible were the key traits we wanted Moby to be associated with, as well as being attention-grabbing without going overboard.
The logo is a graphical representation of the brand name, showcasing the fusion between the white whale Moby and the charts used in financial analysis. The isotype thus forms the figure of a geometric whale which is constructed from pie chart elements.
Logo of moby analytics on a blue background on the left and on a black background on the right.
We have chosen black, which imbues the brand with a sense of elegance and maturity, together with a light blue that brings confidence and serenity. Green, orange and red are colors that are traditionally used to communicate risk levels ​​in the financial universe, so we used those as highlighting colors.
Visual with the color palette of Moby: black moby, blue ocean, white beluga, orange reef, green nitella, red delesseria.
The typeface we chose for Moby is Inter, a versatile and distinctive san serif font that communicates confidence and friendliness. A sense of consistency is achieved by using it in all of its weights and styles.
Visual with the typeface used for Moby, Inter Font Family.
Taking the logo as a starting point, the handcrafted illustrations for the Fintech startup serve to make a data-driven topic more approachable and engaging. In line with the ocean theme, the brand elements represent the seabed. Graphical data representations, such as linear graphs and radial bar charts, form the algae, corals, and underwater flora that take us into an ocean of financial data.
Visual with illustrations in the brand style of Moby. The illustrations are made up out of seaweed, thin lines with geometric shapes in form of leaves. Also small fishes.
SImple brand elements for Moby. Seaweed, geometrical shapes that remind of fishes, bubbles.
The aim of the website was to create brand awareness and communicate Moby’s value proposition. The website consists of an informative landing page with specific highlights in each section which are visually divided by blue and dark themes. We used the ocean theme throughout the website’s entire 'story', with a dynamic hero illustration that comprises small animations such as floating elements, swimming fish, and bubbles to catch the user's attention.
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Screenshot of the Moby website on mobile.

"They have not missed a single deadline."

We really appreciate how well-organized they were. For each phase, we knew what to expect from them and what was expected of us. They truly took into account our input and were able to build a visual identity around it that add elements that we could not have thoughts about.

Dimitri Kassubeck

Moby Analytics CEO & Founder

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