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The universal compute fabric

XONAI is democratizing access to accelerated computing for data processing platforms. With no changes to the underlying data infrastructure, their solution seamlessly adapts to existing and emerging hardware accelerators to power data analytics and AI computing.

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XONAI is a deeptech startup leveraging new compiler technologies to enable hardware acceleration for big data workloads. They approached us to work on their brand identity and website. In the initial brief, they told us that they want to be a moderate brand without being boring. In terms of the brand’s visual identity and website, we came up with a solution that is both eye-catching and intriguing. See for yourself!

Concept & Strategy

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the Strategy

XONAI is building a product that sits between customer applications and accelerator hardware to help cloud-based and data-driven companies get the most out of their data. In other words, the product is pretty complex for those not in the tech industry. We went back a few steps and thought about how we could describe data acceleration in a simple way, and we came up with the idea of using funnels and compilers.


Visual representing sreens of a deep tech software in the brand colors and style of Xonai.
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the Web

XONAI wanted to start with an initial holding page showcasing their value proposition as well as a careers section to attract new members to their fast-growing team. A blog page was also designed in order for them to provide their users with relevant information. We added minimalistic, animated illustrations to bring life to the content and keep the user engaged without stealing the spotlight from the written content. As a unique touch, XONAI's website includes dark and light mode, which can be easily switched by pressing the sun or moon icon in the top right-hand corner. To kick off their website, we developed their most important pages at that stage, such as home, blog, and contact. At the moment, we are working on their product page amongst other things. Stay tuned!