Evolve to binary

Building ever smarter robots

Evolve is a research lab focusing on robotics. Their mission is to create and compile the tools, techniques, and ecosystem that will allow the world to better understand and implement increasingly intelligent robotic systems.

The Brief

Evolve approached us to create a strong brand from scratch. The client was particularly interested in bold and audacious illustrations. The second part of the project consisted in creating an informative landing page where engineers, data scientists, and other interested people could sign up to be part of the journey of this new venture/ research lab.

The concept

Usually microscopic in size, cells are the smallest structural units of living matter and compose all living things. In our brand idea, we combine cells and computer programming. Evolve to Binary is about creating ever smarter robots by going back to the first principles and model living intelligent systems - from e. coli upwards to more complex organisms.


The official name is Evolve to Binary, however, for branding reasons we decided to use the brand name "evolve" alone. In order to represent the binary code concept in this more simplified naming, we used the OL of "evolve" and modified it to binary code 01. The composition of the logo enables us to take advantage of the central part of the word/logo as a standalone object. The 01 alone serves as a responsive logo and could be used on social media and other space-limited applications.

For the color coding, we used dark blue and a strong, almost neon-like orange to express the futuristic part of the brand. Yellow and different shades of grey were used as secondary and accent colors.


The illustrations should showcase the evolution from simple organisms to more complex ones and, finally, into robots. the illustration style used was abstract and inspired by Picasso’s cubism

Website design

Creating the website was quite challenging since there was no product or service to showcase yet and the business idea is very abstract in general. We focused on explaining what the company does and what its scientific process is and put emphasis on these sections by creating impactful animations. We used big font sizes so the user can digest easily what is written.

Finally, we included a form where interested collaborators with a scientific or engineering background could sign up.
Founder, Evolve to Binary 🇺🇸
The most impressive thing for us was how they could take what we used to describe our company and capture it so beautifully in images. They really are artistic geniuses!

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Evolve to Binary, Austin TX - USA
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