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Evolve to Binary is a research lab focusing on robotics. Their mission is to create and compile the tools, techniques, and ecosystem that will allow the world to better understand and implement increasingly intelligent robotic systems.
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Microscopic in size, cells are the smallest structural units of living matter and compose all living things. Evolve to Binary is about creating ever smarter robots by going back to humanity’s earliest lessons and first living intelligence systems, from E. coli up to more complex organisms. The Deeptech startup approached us to create a powerful brand from scratch, with an informative landing page being the next step.
Concept & Strategy
In our brand idea, we took the Deeptech startup’s approach and combined cells with computer programming. Evolve was particularly interested in bold, audacious illustrations, which would make the complex topic more appealing. We created a strong brand and a landing page where engineers, data scientists, and other interested parties could sign up to be part of Evolve’s journey.
The official name is Evolve to Binary. However, for branding reasons, we decided to use the name 'Evolve' on its own. In order to represent the binary code concept in this more simplified naming, we used the 'OL' of 'Evolve' and modified it to binary code '01'. The composition of the logo enables us to use the central part of the logo as a standalone object. The '01' in 'Evolve' serves as responsive logo which can be used on social media or other space-limited applications and is easy to remember.
Visual showing the evolve logo composition. Letters E and V plus the zero-one for computing plus V and E. This results in the name evolve, where the O is a zero and the L is a one.
For the color coding, we used dark blue and a strong, almost neon-like orange to express the futuristic aspect of the brand. Yellow and different shades of gray were used as secondary and accent colors.
Visual with the color palette of Evolve01: tetsu-kon blue, evolve orange, shandy yellow, gray 900, light 4, light 3, light 2, light 1.
For subheadings and body text we use Inter Regular, a typeface specially designed for user interfaces. Due to its high legibility, it creates a clear screen appearance of small- to medium-sized text. The typeface that we use for headings is Lora, which contrasts with the smaller sans serif text because of its strong serifs. By combining these typefaces we are able to reflect robotic elements on the one hand and simple organisms on the other. Hence, we end up with one, continuous thread linking the two concepts throughout the entire brand design.
Visual with the typography hierarchy of Evolve: Inter Regular for subheadings and body, Lora Regular for headings.
The illustrations should showcase the evolution from simple organisms to more complex ones and, finally, into robots. After inspiring, detailed talks with the client, we were able to represent his ideas through an abstract illustration style. Together with elements inspired by Picasso’s cubism, Evolve’s illustrations reflect the coming together of different pieces.

Creating the website was a challenge since there was no product or service to showcase at the time and the business idea is abstract and complex. We focused on explaining what the company does and what its scientific process is, placing an emphasis on these sections by creating impactful animations. We used big font sizes so the user can easily digest what is written. Finally, we included a form where interested collaborators with a scientific or engineering background could sign up.
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"They really are artistic geniuses!"

Tarik Shaheen

Evolve01 Founder & CEO

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