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Andluca is developing intelligent, efficient, and wellness-enhancing windows. Their smart glass products harvest UV and produce power, while at the same time transmitting visible and infrared light as they are fully transparent.
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Andluca is a deeptech startup enabling wireless smart glass technologies for more efficient, comfortable, and secure buildings. They approached us for their website redesign in order to establish a more mature presence for their startup. After our initial call, we agreed that the best strategy for reaching a more sophisticated appearance was to enhance their current brand and visual identity as a first step, including custom illustrations to represent their complex product. The last step would be the improvement and launch of their website. 
Concept & Strategy
The overall goal was to establish a more mature online presence for the deeptech startup. Therefore, after analyzing the briefing and getting in-depth knowledge of Andluca's product, we tweaked their former visual identity to translate it into a more sophisticated appearance. Due to technical product features, the renewed brand should communicate the concept of transparency—we aimed to integrate it across their brand touchpoints via iconography, illustrations, and imagery. 
Andluca wanted to make as few changes to its logo as possible. However, it was clear from the beginning that the colorful logo had to be reduced and simplified in order to communicate a mature brand. Therefore, we maintained the original shape of the icon but quit the colors and the shades, making it easier to remember and to be applied on all brand touchpoints. We reduced “Andluca Technologies” to “Andluca” to make it catchier. Also, we finetuned its typography for better readability.
Logo of Andluca on different backgrounds.

Originally, Andluca had not defined any brand colors, therefore there was a great scope of possible directions with the goal that the color palette should transmit innovation, transparency, and straightforwardness. In the end, we agreed on black and white as the primary colors for a clear appearance and two tones of violet to suggest innovation. Blue serves as the accent color.
We use two typefaces: the sans serif font Mulish for headlines, designed for display content to provide transparency and high readability. The sans serif font Heebo allows us to keep a professional and friendly look in body texts.
Visual showing the fonts used for Andluca, Mulish Light and Heebo Light.
Since one of the main features of Andluca's product is its transparency, we wanted to communicate this via the imagery. We achieved this by choosing bright photographs with low contrast and cold temperature. Clouds, glasses, reflections, or environmental scenes help portray transparency and cleanliness. 
5 different photographs: two of them showing a window front, one a child jumping on a bed with a window front in the background, and two showing scientists working with glass.
Illustrations and animations were important for the project. As Andluca's product is difficult to grasp at first glance, we had to explain it via visual design elements. Using the newly defined color palette, we designed branded icons and illustrations on the one hand; made out of thin lines giving a technical yet clean appearance to the brand. On the other hand, we created a simple fully branded animation for their website which depicts the different features of the smart windows. 

The enhanced branding allowed us to create a mature web presence for Andluca. It not only serves to establish trust amongst prospects and investors but also to explain the smart glass products. Therefore, the new digital home is friendly and approachable, yet sophisticated, and depicts the product's benefits at one glance. The effective combination of photography and branded illustrations is key to grasping the user's attention and conveying Andluca's message. 
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For Andluca's branding and website, we're proud to have been awarded an Honorable Mention on Awwwards.

"The Branx’s team effectively guided us through a comprehensive design process."

We greatly enjoyed working with them to refresh our digital identity and highly recommend them as a partner for preparing your brand and website for a growing audience.

Noah Reimers

Andluca Business Development & Operations Lead

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