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Share-economy goes travel

The startup JoinMyTrip is a travel platform to find like-minded travel buddies to experience unique trips and share unforgettable memories. It enables travelers to join the trips of others or to make money by becoming a trip leader, democratizing the travel industry.

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JoinMyTrip is a share-economy platform, enabling travelers to join the trips of others or to become a tour leader. We were in charge of their rebranding and product design, with the aim to convert JoinMyTrip into the go-to platform in the share-economy group tour segment.


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the Strategy

Traveling is a fun topic, hence, the branding of the Traveltech startup should also be entertaining on the one hand, but also communicate sophistication and trust in order to attract users and convert them into brand ambassadors. The goal was to reach this by elaborating strategic branding and a strong visual identity across all relevant brand touchpoints, including website, OOH as well as digital communication.


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the Web

Our aim was to transform the JoinMyTrip travel platform into an aesthetic, easy-to-use, and user-centric website. Before we started with the actual web and UX design, we performed a user journey analysis and put into practice our learnings to minimize bounce rate in crucial process stages. In order to increase brand awareness, we created branded and personalized call-to-action buttons.

"Amazing combination of talent and personality of the team!"

I believe great results would not be possible without the amazing combination of talent and personality of the team.

Niels Mueller-Wickop

JoinMyTrip CEO

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