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Naming for tech startups

Your name forms the first impression of your startup and plays a pivotal role in your success. A compelling name sets you apart, sparks intrigue, and sets the mood for all future conversations—we help you craft a unique and memorable name that resonates with your target market and embodies your brand's essence.

Strategic naming for tech startups

Naming Strategy

Understand the naming strategies of your competition to see how you can differentiate and shine. Exploring different naming approaches enables us to brainstorm names that will fit your brand personality.

  • Market research 
  • Naming exploration 
  • Naming brainstorming

Startup Naming

Get a name that is representative of your tech startup and that users will remember. After checking potential pitfalls, we provide you with 5 naming suggestions, ensuring that every option is safe and fits your brand.

  • Pronunciation checks
  • Cultural disaster checks
  • Association checks
  • Availability checks
  • Domain checks
  • Trademark prescreening
  • Tagline

Product Naming

Provide your product with a name that perfectly encapsulates it, aligning harmoniously with your overall brand and being easy to pronounce and spell. This will ensure that it sticks in the minds of your customers.

  • Pronunciation checks
  • Cultural disaster checks
  • Association checks
  • Availability checks
  • Domain checks 
  • Trademark prescreening

Looking for something else?

Tech startup naming process

Brand discovery

The Discovery phase is a pivotal stage in crafting your startup's or product's name, where we dive deep into brand research and positioning to gather pertinent information and insights. During this step, understanding your brand's target audience becomes crucial to ensure your brand name truly speaks to them. We also conduct a thorough review of your competitors to keep up with market trends. It's important to set a clear and agreed-upon decision-making criteria, and to pinpoint the brand name style that is the perfect fit for your brand. The aim is to come up with a brand name that communicates one main concept, rather than trying to encapsulate all that your brand stands for.

Brainstorming & finetuning

Our creative journey starts with an immersive, collaborative brainstorming phase. This phase is developed to unlock the maximum potential of our combined creativity, emphasizing on generating numerous innovative ideas influenced by your startup's positioning and brand personality traits. We blend out-of-the-box thinking with industry-specific jargon to frequently produce a list of more than 150 names.

Naming checks

For a successful brand or product name, several factors need to be taken into consideration: First and foremost, the domain availability. If available, we conduct further cultural checks, connotations across languages, similar already existing company names, positive and negative associations, etc. If not, we explore further URL alternatives until we reach the best outcome. Leveraging the expertise of our multidisciplinary, international team and several tools, we narrow down and ensure a great, unique name.

Insight into some of the checks we do within our naming process

Naming proposals

Once we've completed all necessary checks, we provide you with our top 5 name suggestions that have made it to the final round. We introduce potential names along with their narratives and related contexts. Then it is up to you: Choose your favorite name with the help of our tech startup branding experts.


During the creative process, we've been performing preliminary trademark evaluations. Now, our associate company will take over, examining your preferred option(s) in depth. They guarantee assistance with the trademark search and registration process, making sure your brand receives the right protection in the necessary categories and countries.

3 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to keep in mind for a successful tech startup name?

The name of your tech startup will very often drive first impressions. Hence, it needs to be easy to remember, easy to find, should somehow relate to your business, and should not convey any negative connotations. Your startup name also needs to fit your overall brand strategy and position your business strategically in the market without limiting your growth possibilities. First and foremost, it needs to be unique in your business sector, not only because of your recognizability but also due to legal and trademark reasons. Learn more in our guide for a successful startup name.

How much does naming for a tech startup usually cost?

The cost of naming for tech startups can vary greatly depending on the complexity, market, and specific needs of the startup. Also, it depends on the number of naming proposals, checks, and additional services such as trademarking. On average, costs range from $7k to $30k. Our naming prices start at $7k. Reach out to us for a more accurate quote based on your requirements.

How many name proposals will I get?

During our naming process for tech startups, we come up with more than 140 initial ideas on average. 80 to 90% of these are discarded after giving them a second thought. The ones that survive need to run through extensive research. From experience, we have learned that is best practice to provide our clients with 5 naming suggestions to ensure a seamless naming process. However, we are happy to provide you with more options if you want to explore further possibilities.

How important is the domain name of my tech startup?

Usually, the best practice is to have your exact company name as the domain, as it will be easy to remember for users. The majority of companies use the most common .com. Therefore, the disponibility of these domains is reduced, but not impossible to get. Thus, .ai, .io, and .co are also common amongst tech startups, providing more naming and URL possibilities. With regard to your website, also keep in mind how your startup name will sound in combination with the domain suffix (e.g .com) you are striving for.

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