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UX/UI Design for tech startups

Hassle-free user experiences are the key to success. No matter what stage of the product life cycle you are at, we provide meaningful and user-centred experiences with excellent and functional UI design to accelerate your startup.

Strategic UX/UI Design

UX/UI Strategy

Understanding users' needs and motivations is essential for reaching your product goals. Therefore, we back up our user-centric strategies with research by using tools such as product audits, A/B tests, user interviews, etc.

  • Competitor analysis
  • User interviews
  • User personas
  • Product audit

UX Design

A clear user journey results in higher user satisfaction, retention, and engagement. By creating strategic and smooth flows, we increase the usability of your platform, improve the outcome of the sessions and lead users to your CTA.

  • User journeys
  • User flows
  • Mockups and prototypes
  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • User testing

UI Design System

This is where we balance your business, design, and tech goals: It's the user interface that creates the difference and sets your product apart from competitors. A branded UI increases brand awareness and gives more value to your product.

  • Product discovery
  • Redesign of product screens
  • Iconography
  • Buttons
  • Heading hierarchy
  • Navigation
  • Figma components
  • Branded user interactions

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Startup UX/UI Design Process


First of all, we explore the preferences of your target audience to dig deeper into your startup's needs. User personas and user interviews as well as product audits are essential for the next steps and successful UX/UI design for startups.


The data gathered in the research phase serves to build a solid foundation for the future design process, always considering your brand identity. Although we focus on a user-centric approach, we also keep in mind your business goals.

User flows & wireframes

By creating user flows, we identify pitfalls and ensure every part of a particular product flow is accounted for, exploiting the full range of possible scenarios. Wireframes enable us to build the “bones and muscles” of the product.

Example of a sitemap for UX Design

Branded interface design & improvements

Now it’s time to focus on the “skin and outerwear”. Branded UX/UI in line with your brand personality not only boosts your overall brand experience but also makes the often tech-loaded user flows less dense.

Scenarios & prototyping

Seeing the screens linked up and tappable can make a world of difference. Before the launch, we create prototypes and nail down every detail of your startup's UX/UI design in order to create engaging user experiences.

Muylocal Scenarios & prototyping

Pratus UI - Dashboard and sidebar animation

min. 6 weeks

from 3.6k USD/month

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Less chit-chat, more action


Frequently Asked Questions

How do startups benefit from strategic UX/UI Design?

UX/UI Design is at the heart of any tech startup. By increasing the usability of your platform, you can reach higher levels of user satisfaction, retention, and engagement. Branded UI increases brand awareness and gives more value to your product. Animations and details such as microinteractions do their bit to make every user interaction fully functional, resulting in higher user engagement and retention. Excellent user experiences convert your clients into brand ambassadors that will engage with your brand on its digital touchpoints. 

How much does UX/UI Design for startups cost?

A lot of research goes into your UX/UI design. Our experts look in detail at your target audience and dig deeper into users needs. That way, we can create user experiences that help your startup to gain traction. You can count on our expertise as a strategic branding agency to tweak your branding in order to fit your UX/UI goals. As the necessary resources depend on your starting point, there is no set market price for UX/UI design. Our prices start at 3600 USD/month.   

How much time should you calculate for good UX/UI Design?

This depends on your scope: Especially as a tech startup, your brand is closely related to your product and your User Experience is intertwined with your branding. Therefore, your UX/UI design project may require branding or brand enhancement. Whether you need a design from scratch, or you are looking for clever improvements, we ensure that your branding is settled before we start with the UX/UI. The minimum engagement time is 8 weeks.   

"Deep understanding, bolstered by extensive experience with startups."

Nima Yazdani

Siddha Meditate CEO

"The graphic design really impressed us. They created amazing visuals."

Maddy Alcala

Gooten President

"Their swift responsiveness and adaptability led to great results."

Juan Pablo Salazar

GuideMe CEO

"Great teamwork and great listeners."

Sean Griffin

Pratus CEO

"The quality of the work and flexibility of the team were extremely impressive."

Red Giuliano

Zero-True CEO

"They were the only ones that really got our startup needs."

Raja Singh

Revolear CEO & Founder

"The diversity of their expertise is impressive."

Matt Maguire