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Siddha Meditate

Building a habit of meditation

Siddha Medidate is a meditation app designed to help users build a consistent meditation habit. Its curated classes seamlessly integrate into daily routines and work calendars, making it effortless to incorporate meditation into everyday life.

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Despite the well-known benefits of meditation, many individuals struggle to find time for it in their busy routines. Building a formal meditation practice also requires time and consistency, which can be challenging. This is where Siddha Meditate comes in. Their health app aims to seamlessly integrate meditation into users' daily lives. To stand out in the crowded health tech market, they needed unique branding and strategic positioning. We helped Siddha Meditate with their brand strategy, identity, and UI design, ensuring their modern health tech brand still reflects their traditional approach to meditation.

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Unlike competitors who emphasize idealistic outcomes like happiness and calmness, Siddha's brand strategy focuses on fostering a consistent meditation habit. Providing wisdom and a safe nurturing space to explore meditation and its benefits, we identified two brand archetypes for Siddha: the Sage and the Caregiver. Thus, we positioned Siddha Meditate as a dependable companion for those seeking peace and calmness. This commitment to providing a tranquil, safe space for users is reflected in their tone of voice as well as in their branding: gradients inspired by the blue and pink hues of the sky, a lightweight illustration style, and a logo representing the higher self that can be reached with a consistent meditation practice.

"Deep understanding, bolstered by extensive experience with startups."

The project led to notable improvements in branding, ease of implementation, and marketing effectiveness. The new branding seamlessly fits into our app’s design and marketing, strengthening our market presence and setting us up nicely for future growth.

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