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Hyper-personalize your travel experience

GuideMe is a travel-tech platform offering hyper-personalized travel experiences. Focusing on crafting tailored itineraries for cruise passengers upon their port arrival, GuideMe strives to optimize every aspect of their visit.

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When the travel tech startup GuideMe approached us, they had already launched the beta version of their app, initially catering to cruise passengers in Barcelona and Marseille. Seeking to solidify their visual identity for expansion into global markets and new partnerships, we refined their branding, introduced a brand mascot, and designed initial screens for their UX/UI interface.


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Targeting the niche yet immense market of cruise passengers, the goal was to create a brand that users would trust and enjoy at the same time. Amidst the prevailing mass tourism trend, the startup sought to pioneer a more personalized travel experience. Accordingly, our branding efforts were centered around their brand values of enjoyment, simplicity, trust, and hyper-personalization, seamlessly reflected throughout their visual identity.


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For the mobile app of GuideMe, we crafted the UX and UI to align with the new branding, seamlessly integrated across various screens such as home, onboarding form, chat, explore, alerts, and more. Focusing on delivering an optimized user experience, smooth user flows were crucial to this project. In order to retain users after installing the app, it needed to be easy to navigate, intuitive, and trustworthy. Also, as personalization is one of the key values of the travel-tech platform, users are prompted with tailored questions aimed at enhancing their travel experience, enabling them to select preferred activities ranging from eating out, shopping, to sightseeing.

"Their swift responsiveness and adaptability led to great results."

5 stars for everything. They successfully met all requirements, which fully aligned with expectations.

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