Virtual IT labs for product-led growth

Modern software buyers demand hands-on experience before they purchase. Instruqt enables software companies to accelerate adoption and grow usage by creating demos, product tours, and training, all without an engineering team.
Brand Communication
Instruqt enables software companies to run their product in a cloud sandbox and add data, scenarios, and even real-time access to cloud accounts. Companies can create hands-on demos, tutorials, and training on real technology, in real environments, and with automation. We were in charge of Instruqt’s entire rebranding process. We started by arranging a branding workshop with their management team where we defined the brand strategy, brand values, tone of voice, and brand personality. Taking this as a starting point, we enhanced their visual identity and communication. Finally, we provided guidance to apply the new identity to all of their most important touchpoints.
Concept & Strategy
Instruqt is redefining how users adapt to new software by experiencing it with a playful learning approach. The overall branding concept thus aimed to revolve around Instruqt’s core elements of modularity and gamification. We reached this by adding playful elements to their branding, making the SaaS sector a bit more human and approachable.
The logo reflects Instruqt’s core: gamification and modularity. The letter 'Q' accents the name; 'Q' for 'quality'. Furthermore, we crafted a mascot that is made up of each individual letter in the logo. The starting point is the 'Q', the most distinctive shape in the brand; it forms the head of our 'Instruqtor'. The 'I' becomes the antenna, the 'S', the 'T', and the 'Q' form the tentacles, making the mascot a versatile, multi-tasking hero. The mascot combines the different values that Instruqt wants to represent: confidence, security, innovation, and rebellion.
Deep Indigo is the primary color, conveying professionalism and authority. Vivid Sky Blue is the secondary color, and it represents innovation. The two colors pair perfectly, with the Vivid Sky Blue also used for highlights. The colorful, warm complementary colors of orange, pink, and purple bring a touch of playfulness but are to be used sparingly.
Two typefaces have been used for the typography: the sans serif Libre Franklin and the serif Courier Prime. Libre Franklin is clean and easy to read, therefore used for headlines and body text. Courier Prime provides the brand with a unique touch and is used for call to actions and other cases where extra differentiation is required.
The forms created for Instruqt are both powerful and playful. They are composed of basic coding elements, arrows, dots, and slashes. These branded shapes serve as the main decorative elements that also function as distinctive elements amongst other SaaS companies.
In order to apply their brand to their most relevant touchpoints, we created presentation templates and a new and cohesive social media presence across both their profile and posts. Finally, we delivered new visuals for their banner advertising, video tutorials, and even brand merchandising design.

"They truly care about our business and our needs. We are impressed by their creative work."

Connie Tai

Instruqt CMO

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