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Sikoia powers the next generation of financial products for businesses. Their platform integrates data to facilitate client onboarding and risk assessment processes of financial institutions. ​Thus, businesses can make smarter decisions and drive growth.
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Sikoias product consists of a portal unifying customer data to reach data-driven decisions on the one hand, and on the other APIs to be integrated into existing systems, enhancing the automation of key processes. The objective of the project was to enable decision-makers of financial service companies to access information easily on Sikoia's website, facilitating the onboarding of prospects. Therefore, the visual strategy of the Fintech company needed to inspire trust and credibility, whilst being intuitive and lightweight.
The overall strategic concept is based on the company name: “Sikoia” derives from the Giant Sequoia trees, massive trees which are able to survive for thousands of years. This served us as a starting point; we centralized our ideas around a “decision tree” as a metaphor for the multiple data sources that are required to make a decision. The first step was to enhance the overall brand image, creating a visual identity distinct from the standard blue tones dominating the Fintech sector. By making minor changes to their logo, typography, and color palette we increased the uniqueness of Sikoia. Following this, we created their new website by applying their refreshed visual identity including branded illustrations, re-organizing the information structure, and integrating new tools.
By customizing the typography of the logotype, we gave it a fresher look. Now it is compact and represents strength. The “k” is now the eye-catching and distinctive element, being unique and recognizable. Its branched shape stems again from the reference to the aforementioned tree concept. The use of black and white gives the logo authority and makes it timeless.
Whilst maintaining a scale of gray for backgrounds in order to inspire trust and credibility, we leaned towards colorful and modern tones: Royal Orange makes Sikoia stand out from the competition, while a blue tone for highlights establishes a subtle connection to the sector. The orange has become a key element of Sikoia's visual identity, as it is used in elements like the favicon as the background color.
We use the sans-serif Syne for headings, as its archetypal geometric letters such as the “g”, which reminds of branches, combine perfectly with the logotype. For body text, we use Inter, a typeface designed for computer screens. Its high readability does its bit to make the website even more userfriendly.
Use of font Syne Semibold for Sikoia
use of font Inter Regular for Sikoia
As for the illustrations and animations, we took up the tree concept again: Visual elements are connected by lines that remind users of branches. We designed branded illustrations depicting the key features of the platform to ensure that website users would grasp the benefits of Sikoia at a glance. Automation, improved decision-making, and data visualization were the focus of the illustrations, as these benefits position Sikoia in the Fintech market.
Illustrative icons for Sikoia in their visual identiy style
Illustration of the coding integration of Sikoia
Illustration in the style of the visual identity of Sikoia
Integration illustration for Sikoia, with their logo in the center and other logos placed around
Sikoia's website needs to spark the interest of decision-makers of financial institutions and demonstrate the benefits of using the platform. Hence, it must transmit the main functionalities and advantages of the product. We reached this by implementing a design that draws users' attention to crucial informative textual as well as visual elements. Simplicity and user-friendliness were essential to create a solution that would transmit the key values of Sikoia, trust, efficiency, and accessibility.
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"Fantastic work from the whole The Branx team!"

Thank you for your excellent work, insights, and support throughout the entire project. We really appreciated our collaboration and we're delighted with the results ... highly recommended!

Alastair Bulger

Sikoia CCO & Co-Founder

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