Cybersecurity made hassle-free

SenseOn is building the security architecture of the future. Their platform detects and responds to threats, including ransomware, malware and data loss, across an organization's network in real time.
Branded illustration for tech startup


B2B SaaS
Motion & Illustrations
SenseOn is an industry-leading provider of digital security architecture. Their consolidated cyber defense system makes security toolstacks obsolete: This results in increased efficiency and better collaboration and decision-making for organizations. They approached us to help them with their brand illustrations in order to depict the benefits of their platform and explain the tech-loaded product.
Our mission was to capture various aspects of cybersecurity through SenseOn's digital product in a simplified and understandable way, streamlining the different UI screens of the product dashboard. To tackle the design of the numerous illustrations and turn it into a collaborative process with the client, we worked on a shared board in Figma, where the illustrations were designed and iterated through comments and feedback. This collaboration was essential to ease communication and to refine the tiniest details of each illustration. When their team approved the illustrations, we moved to the animation phase, where the simplified product UI came to life.
We created a series of illustrations and animations for the cybersecurity platform. With the goal to depict the cybersecurity connectivity between different devices, we used a blend of isometric illustrations and glass morphism to create a sense of depth. All of this was done in the brand's tones to achieve a hi-tech and sophisticated look and feel consistent with the existing brand. These branded elements reflect a state-of-the-art product, shining a light on the user benefits.
Six custom-made illustrations in the brand style of Senseon: a pair of binoculars, a graph, a rocket, a puzzle, a pyramid and a pile of charts.
Two illustrations in the brand style of Senseon: one represents a computer screen with brand elements such as a cloud in the background, the other one a lock that protects various screens.
Illustration in the brand style of Senseon: a computer, a cloud, coins surrounded by exclamation marks.