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OneShop enables store teams to create content for their customers and link it directly to their e-commerce site via a single centralized platform.

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As their original customer base had changed since their launch, OneShop approached us to give their brand a new look, making it more relevant for their current users and potential clients: The early-stage startup wanted to expand horizontally to other types of retail. Therefore, their new visual identity should attract their new target audience and be different from the former, darker, more masculine appearance. Also, it should set them apart from the rest of the industry. They wanted to communicate an accessible, human, transparent, and sophisticated platform, inviting users to stay connected with their favorite retail stores.

Concept & Strategy

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OneShop's refreshed branding should be welcoming yet aspirational, with the goal of bringing the in-store retail experience beyond the physical store. As OneShop aims to enable users to easily get the products they desire without having to feel constantly marketed, their visual identity should not give a too techie or commercial impression, but be easily recognizable. With their branding goals in mind, we designed a catchy logotype, chose friendly and enjoyable colors, and built all branding elements around the idea of social selling.