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Pioneering the crypto revolution

Poised to lead the crypto revolution, Spherom is your trusted brand and coin, adding substance to digital wallets and boosting user engagement. Spherom brings confidence and clarity to the world of crypto.

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Standing out among 8,985 active cryptocurrencies is no simple task. To make the abstract real and tangible, crypto brands must enhance user understanding and retention, simplifying complex financial concepts for better engagement. Spherom excels in transforming crypto into clarity, emphasizing transparency, usability, and accessibility to ensure users feel at ease.


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Tangibility, transparency, and trust are the core parameters that shaped the brand identity of this cryptocurrency. Incorporating glass effects and 3D elements was crucial to achieving this branding goal. Spherom seamlessly combines traits from various brand archetypes. Like the Magician, it takes users on a journey of transformation, aiming to revolutionize the crypto space by making abstract financial concepts accessible and secure. Just as the Hero, Spherom helps users navigate and conquer the challenges of the crypto market. In line with the Creator, Spherom emphasizes the flexibility and versatility of cryptocurrency use. By embodying these characteristics, we crafted a tangible, transparent, and trustworthy crypto brand.

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When users enter the web of Spherom, they encounter an immersive above-the-fold experience designed to captivate their attention. 3D coins created using Spline integration effectively convey Spherom's mission of bringing confidence and clarity to the world of crypto. The combination of a white background with pastel colors soothes the eye and enhances the readability of the web content, ensuring a user-friendly experience.