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BeeGO! Tours is a young company with experience in the tourism sector aimed at expanding the cultural offer of the province of Cádiz. Tourists will discover the hidden treasures of Cádiz, find out more about its rich culture, its beautiful beaches, and its delicious sea food. BeeGO! Tours is offering authentic experiences, guided by official and local tour guides.
The naming is inspired by the founder's name "Bego", together with the concept of bees going from flower to flower collecting the pollen and arriving at their hive with everything necessary to prepare delicious honey. The same analogy is used for the tourists who go from point to point learning from the culture of different places to get back home loaded with new experiences.

We helped BeeGo! Tours creating a solid business strategy and aligning it with her vibrant brand in all relevant online and offline channels. To make booking a tour easy, we created a catchy landing page with small micro-interactions and an optimized user flow with a clear call to action.
BeeGO! Tours, Spain
Naming & Brand Design