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LineSlip offers risk managers a turnkey SaaS solution that extracts and organizes critical insurance data to automate manual business processes. This makes reporting, analyzing, and managing commercial insurance data a breeze.
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Fintech / Insurtech
B2B SaaS
Brand Identity
Brand Communication
LineSlip offers an extremely niche B2B SaaS product, and they wanted to increase awareness and demand for their platform. They were in need of updating their brand identity and messaging to best tell their story. After an initial discovery phase, we crafted their new brand identity and provided them with updated marketing collateral templates that were easy to adjust.
Concept & Strategy
The traditional way for risk managers to collect their insurance data was in the form of binders. Data management is thus a manual, tedious, and inefficient task. LineSlip is a game changer, giving insurance professionals access to the data that they've owned for years but haven't done much about because it's spread across many different documents and formats. LineSlip is bringing insurance data management to the next level, digitizing a sector that has been stuck in the '90s. While working on their new brand identity, we stayed away from any logo that would may appeal to a more traditional clientele and instead opted for something with a modern twist.
The concept for the logo was inspired by a graphical representation of insurance data. It's a combination mark featuring an uppercase 'L' and an open binder with data points and graphs popping out. It is clean, modern, and dynamic, symbolic of growth and a shift in attitude, culture, and abilities. The typeface was changed to lowercase and is clean yet prominent due to the bold letters. For simplicity, we reduced 'Lineslip Solutions' to just 'LineSlip', since it’s a strong brand name and should be remembered as such by their target audience.
Logo of Lineslip.
The main color is deep blue and offers a sense of confidence and professionalism. The usage of the colors is easy: white for backgrounds, dark blue for headlines, and mint and sky for accents. Heavy gray will be used for body text. This palette combines personality and practicality into a clean, bold, modern look.
Color palette of Lineslip: Main colors dark blue, skyblue, and mint. Secondary colors: white, light gray, medium gray, and heavy gray.
The typeface is Montserrat. It's clean, modern, and friendly. Montserrat Regular will be used for body copy and Montserrat Bold for headlines, body headings, call-to-actions, and other instances where we need to focus the user’s attention.
Visual with the typography used for Lineslip: Montserrat font family.
To visualize the Insurtech brand, we figured that strong, meaningful, yet simple iconography was needed to give it a unique touch. We crafted various, simple brand icons that complement the verbal language. For the imagery, we suggested minimalistic images of modern buildings.
Visual with a collection of brand elements for Lineslip: arrows, circles for disks, documents.
Illustrative icons for Lineslip representing documents, start, loading, done, next.
After we finalized the visual identity, the next step was to apply the new look and feel to their main communication materials. We updated their corporate presentation slides and provided them with a social media toolkit so they could create content easily while remaining consistent. We also created some headers and banners and provided guidelines for their marketing website. Finally, we designed their trade fair booth.
OOHH material for Lineslip: billboard with the logo and abstract illustration in the brand style.
Social media postings for Lineslip.
Slides of a company presentation for Lineslip.

"The project was a game-changer in terms of our confidence and stepping into a larger role in the industry."

Carly Romeo

LineSlip Marketing Director

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