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Tell your story: How to leverage corporate videos for startup growth

Are you looking to make an impression with branded motion graphics content? This is what you need to know when creating a corporate video for your startup.

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From script to success: No matter whether you are celebrating your company launch, presenting a new product, or want to educate your audience, a branded video is the perfect way to increase brand awareness and user engagement. 

87% of marketers say corporate video material has helped their business increase sales.* 

So, what are you waiting for?

How does your startup benefit from branded video content/motion graphics videos?

First and foremost, the success of a corporate video is to be measured depending on the type of video that you want to create. Whether it be a company launch video, an explainer video, or a product demo video, branded motion graphics content is a significant add-on to your marketing and sales collateral and benefits your tech startup. 

High-quality videos enhance your brand's legitimacy, help brand activation, and show why your company is beneficial to customers. It allows you to prove that you are professional and committed, thus establishing the trust and credibility of your startup. 

Also, as the products of some tech startups are not tangible, motion graphics is the optimal solution to depict the benefits of your product or service in an understandable and approachable way. You need a versatile media type, with the ability to control every aspect of what is on scene. A motion graphic video allows you to have total control over the look and feel of your video: scenery, character design, colors, timings, transitions, etc. You can tweak and refine an animated video until it’s just right for you.

What type of corporate video is best for your startup?

Depending on which stage you are at, you can leverage different types of motion graphic videos to activate your brand effectively and communicate your values. Let us have a look at the most common video types. 

Startup brand launch video

You're done with your (re)branding and are excited about your new brand? Startup brand launch videos are the perfect way to share your new look and feel with stakeholders, investors, and your target audience.

Company launch video

Are you looking for your Steve Jobs moment? When launching your company in front of a massive audience, you want to make sure that they experience the wow effect. For such events, a launch video is an essential part of your presentation, communicating the full potential of your company quickly and effectively and capturing your audience's attention right away. 

In order to give your audience a full understanding of your company, make sure to answer the following questions in the corporate launch video: 

  • What does your company do?
  • What solution does it provide?
  • How can it help customers?

Also, especially for a company launch video, you might want to include some kind of social proof, which in most cases will be your team's experience in the sector. 

All of this information has to be presented in an impactful way with great storytelling. Starting from the script, the storyboard, the voice-over, the background music, and all of the animated graphics, each and every element of the video has to be aligned perfectly and talk to your audience in your brand voice. Let us explore the company launch video we created for one of our clients, the cleantech startup Enlitia which is building the first Algorithm Ecosystem for sustainable energy companies:

With its impactful beginning, Enlitia's company launch video attracts the attention of the viewers right from the start. It continues explaining the problem and the pain points of its target audience and provides the solution to it. Branded animated illustrations representing features of the platform and powerful copy with rhetorical figures create impact and successfully communicate the cleantech startup's value. The team of Enlitia used the video for its company launch event.

Logo reveal video

Another way to share your excitement about your new branding is a logo reveal video. As they solely reveal part of your branding and, most of all, your brand-new, shining logo, they are shorter, and, hence, more cost-effective than full company launch videos.

Logo reveal videos are a leading trend, making a lasting impression on your target audience and increasing brand awareness. It's a way of resuming your startup's story, presenting your new branding, and reaching the emotions of your target audience.

Always depending on the complexity of the story you want to communicate, a logo reveal video typically lasts about 10 seconds. There are several approaches to it, one of the most popular ones being to showcase the story behind the logo: It typically presents the main idea behind the logo and from which elements it is composed, such as the logo reveal video of the SaaS startup Aviator.   

This logo reveal video contains brand elements, such as colors, typography, and icons, and communicates in a matter of seconds the story behind the imagotype of Aviator. The plane and the rising sun merge to form the isotype, which is accompanied by the lettering to form the impactful logo. 

Product video

Once you developed your product or when adding new features, you need to think about an effective way of communicating its benefits to your target audience. On your website, you can do this on a technology, platform, or product page, with branded illustrations and animations highlighting the product features. You can also go one step further with a product video. There are different approaches: 

Explainer video

When was the last time you tried explaining your product to someone not as tech-savvy as you but it resulted in a fruitless attempt? Just imagine having a short and sweet video doing the job for you. In fact, the most consumed video by audiences today’s date is a product explainer video.* 

If you want to fully communicate the solution that your product (or your company) provides to a problem, explainer videos are essential—especially for tech companies who need their target audience to grasp the utilities of the product or service in the twinkling of an eye. 

For tech startups, a motion graphics video with branded animations allows you to explain processes easily, create different scenarios in little time, and raise brand awareness. 

It needs to be professional, engaging, and long enough to explain the product’s value proposition—but short enough to keep people engaged. Explainer videos are an amazing tool for helping create that “aha moment” where a user can see the solution a product provides. In order to make that moment as impactful as possible, make sure you address the pain points of your audience directly. In the explainer video for Screenloop, an interview intelligence platform, comprehensive storytelling serves to communicate the benefits of the platform effectively:

For the Screenloop explainer video, we created branded illustrated personas, by which the company's value proposition is explained in an easy-to-understand way. Using illustrated personas, we take storytelling to the next level and give personality to the tech startup. The explainer video starts with the problem statement and continues presenting Screenloop's solution, including KPIs and integrations. 

Product demo video

A product demo video shows your product or software in action and is an excellent idea to make your audience love your product. It serves to communicate how your product works, making it more tangible and easier to understand. 

As the audience can see the product's functionality, it is a very effective way to promote your product and also your company and increase its trustworthiness. 

Some product demo videos are similar to explainer videos, but they usually go into detail when exploring the functionalities and the concrete process. Make sure not to lose your audience on the journey, so be creative and create engaging material presenting a smooth workflow and easy usability.

Another opportunity to use this kind of video content are tutorials: Have a look at the participant tutorial video we created for Impro, a management software that provides data-driven coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

How do you create an impactful tech startup video?

As people have short attention spans, you need to engage your viewers early and get them excited about the story you are telling. Here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind: 

  • Make sure to spark interest among the users within the first three seconds: Start with impactful copy, exciting music, and inspiring visuals.
  • Your script is more than mere text: Use short sentences, refine it by adding rhetorical figures, and ensure that it is easy to follow. Before finalizing it, read it out aloud to others or record yourself to make sure it is easy to follow. Also, keep in mind the length of the text, as it is likely to occupy more time in the video. 
  • Leverage motion graphics to communicate your benefits precisely: Branded illustrations and animations allow you to choose precisely which features of your product or company you want to put into the spotlight. Depending on the sector of your tech startup, you can merge motion graphics elements with real photography to create maximum impact. 
  • Background music is not only background music: It needs to harmonize with the overall purpose of the video—depending on whether it is a company launch video or a tech tutorial, you will need to choose a more inspiring or tranquil sound. 
  • Choose a voice-over artist who fits the feeling you want to communicate with the video and also check their availability in advance if you have a hard deadline.  
  • The outro is as important as the intro: Whether it's a compelling CTA or your company tagline, you need to present it acoustically and visually in an impactful way to reach the emotions of your audience.

Indeed, producing a motion graphics video is a laborious task and involves a number of steps, including concept, script, storyboard, illustration, and animation. Eager to learn more about the video process? Find out more here. If you need a helping hand with your corporate video, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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