Welcome to Justice Valley

Rightstars makes justice available to everybody. They are a LegalTech company that aims to connect consumers, businesses, and lawyers so that they can collaborate and share legal information and claims.
Branded illustration for tech startup
Legal / Legaltech
Brand Identity
UX/UI Design
Motion & Illustrations
Rightstars is a marketplace and social platform that aims to close the justice gap. The platform is B2B/B2C and connects consumers, businesses, and lawyers. They approached us to help them establish their brand identity. They were clear from the outset that they didn't want that old-fashioned, legal company look, and instead wanted to have something with more personality that would set them apart from traditional law firms.
Concept & Strategy
To launch the new identity for Rightstars and position the company internationally within the LegalTech industry, we conducted research and compared Rightstars against other global players. During our creative exploration, we identified different key elements and created an identity, personality, and voice. Out of three branding proposals, we developed the concept of the Justice Valley, a place where people seek justice when they’ve been wronged. Visiting the platform of Rightstars is like going back to the wild west, in the days when the sheriff was in charge of ensuring law and order.
The typography of the logo is handmade and inspired by an old Western movie poster. The 'A' is represented by the top zag of a five-pointed star. The rest of the star can be intuited in the main logo. For the badges and favicon, which have limited space, we developed an icon made up of an 'R' and placed a star next to it to support the brand name.
Four visuals of the Rightstars logo. A lilac one on white background, a red on on white background; a white one on lilac background, and a white one on red background.
Four visuals of a two-lined variation of the Rightstars logo. A lilac one on white background, a red on on white background; a white one on lilac background, and a white one on red background.
The main colors in beige, red, and lilac are inspired by the typical movie sunset over the most iconic Western landscape: the Monument Valley. The accent colors in orange and blue can also be found in the sunset and bring harmony to the composition.
Visual that represents how the colors of Rightstars were composed. A picture of a valley landscape: blueish sky and yellow and reddish stones.

A graphic system was developed to convey the values of their brand personality: friendliness, simplicity, transparency, and fun. We used diverse patterns and shapes to dynamize the brand. Large swathes of the color system remain white so that the brand doesn't become overwhelmed. For the claim, we wanted to create something unique, eye-catching, and on-brand, so we developed a system where the 'A' gets substituted by the top point of the star. Since the 'A' is the most common letter in most languages, this style can be adjusted to any language.
Visual with a product screen of Rightstars representing a profile of a lawyer.
Visual with brand elements of Rightstars in the brand colors with symbols that remind of a valley landscape: cactus and sun.
Visual with lettering in the typeface of Rightstars. Text saying: Have you been wronged? Get right.
Three rounded shapes with pictures of cowboys and sheriffs.
The illustrative icons for Rightstars are playful, representing a combination of the western, legal, and corporate world. We also crafted an illustration of ‘Justice Valley’, the place where justice can be found. Stealing the show is the illustration of the sheriff, an avatar that was created for Rightstars’ social media and forum. He will be their brand ambassador with his own story that users can follow on the platform. The legend goes that he single-handedly disarmed a group of bandits just by showing them the stern look in his eyes. Another legend goes that he made the original hole in the donut when the bakery handed him a pastry with the wrong cream filling. Whoever he is, he retired and now helps you become your very own sheriff.
Three illustrated icons in the brand colors: a sheriff star, the entrance to a forum, a balance symbolizing justice.
Five illustrations of a sheriff on backgrounds of different colors.
It is always an ambitious task to work on the interface design of a product that is completely new. As their platform is the most important touchpoint, we created a UI design system that is versatile, allowing for different scenarios and growth. For the landing page, we created an illustration of a valley where justice can be found. We developed an illustration system where our client can create their own icons by adjusting backgrounds and shapes to ensure future consistency. Different components such as buttons, iconography, notifications, calendars, etc. were created. We made sure that the design system is easy to use for their UX designers.
UI style guide of Rightstars.