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Six reasons why your startup needs a well-built website

In the real world, you have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Well, online it only takes 3. Check out why your startup should have a well-built website.

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As a startup founder, you have maybe stumbled across the following phrase: A website is the digital home of your company. While this is true, we think that your website can be more than that. In this blog post, we let the cat out of the bag and explain to you how a website takes your startup to the next growth phase. 

More than the digital home of your startup

Did you know that in the real world you have seven seconds to make a good first impression? Well, first impressions online only take three. Users decide within seconds whether your startup appeals to them – or not. So, no matter what business you have and no matter how big your company is, you need to have a great marketing website to survive in the digital jungle. With that in mind, let us explore the benefits of your startup website. 

1. Websites build trust 

In our digitized world, the first thing a potential customer checks is your website. If they are unable to find your business online, most probably they will lose interest, as the website serves as the main point of reference. Also, a poorly designed website may cause the same effect. Therefore, an attractive, engaging and fully functional website is key for building trust: Content with an aesthetically pleasing layout is judged as having higher credibility. (Source: Study of Robins and Holmes). You can also include customer reviews and testimonials in order to establish social proof. This reinforces the quality of your services and products. 

2. Websites increase your visibility

Did you know that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Also, 61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative (Source: Hence, when potential customers are interested in a certain product or service, most likely they will look for it online. This is the moment when SEO enters the game. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to success for digital visibility. The better the copy on your website ranks for SEO, the more people will go to your domain, thus making websites an easy way to increase the visibility of your startup.

Visual with a graph and a phrase saying that 68& of online experiences begin with a search engine.

3. Websites are cost-effective

A search engine optimized and user-friendly website is more promising than every sales agent. With the website being available 24/7, potential clients can access all the information they want all around the clock, 365 days a year. This is not only convenient for users, but also for the financial resources of your startup. We are completely aware of the fact that the investment in quality web design and marketing effort is considerable; however, it pays off in the long run and great websites produce a great ROI (Return on Investment).  

4. Websites differentiate you from competitors

A unique website differentiates you from competitors and makes your services and products outstanding. It is your opportunity to verify your claim, explain your USP, and convince potential clients of your startup. As users compare different websites, a professional web design is important to convey trust and trigger emotions. Storytelling is a crucial part of a website, as humans engage with authentic content that is easy to remember. Check out the website we created for Augmenta to gain inspiration: 

5. Websites give you insight into users' behavior 

Data, data, data: via website statistics, you can access information on visitors, user behavior, and other data that might be of interest to your business. It allows you to check which kind of content seems to be more relevant for potential clients and vice-versa. Thus, you are constantly able to improve your content and, hence, your services and products. We also recommend connecting your website with your social media to create traffic both ways and to build emotional appeal on all phygital touchpoints. 

Visual with a graph representing user insights on a website. If the pages/session go up, the bounce rate falls.
User Insights on a Website

6. Websites attract prospective customers

Although we have been talking a lot about layout and functionality, it's not only the design of your startup's website that matters – the content is also immensely important. Create relevant blog content to attract visitors with useful info and to reassure customers of your know-how. Product pages are a great place to integrate simplified UI illustrations, explainer videos, and other elements that will help potential customers and ongoing clients to understand your product and remember your brand. Useful and informative content will save you time, as many questions that might arise can be answered with one mouse click in your FAQs. Clients will also want to get to know the persons behind your business: Use the “About” page to present your startup and its team. Finally, make sure your prospects can get in touch with you easily by adding call-to-action buttons to book a demo. 

Visual with the different states, pages, and purposes of a website: Awareness-blog post-attracting visitors. Interest-product-explain what you do. Trust-about-reason to believe. Action-contact/demo-get in touch. New Lead-thank you-handshake.

💡Pro tip: You are busy with developing your services, and setting up marketing campaigns and can't make time for responding to prospective clients that want to schedule a call? Don't worry, your website can do this for you. Simple, but efficient integrations such as CRM tools, chats, and calendars help you save time and keep track of your prospects.

Take away

Your website is the place where your business comes to life, it is your sales agent number one, your leads magnet, and your key trust builder. For startups, an authentic and professional website is key to entering the next growth phase and establishing trust amongst clients. Lack of online presence or even a poorly designed website can prove to be the difference between enduring as a startup and sinking without a trail. 

If you are thinking about getting a website for your business, feel free to contact us. Together, we will make sure that your website engages, educates, and, ultimately, converts your users into loyal customers. Using the latest technologies in web design and development, we make sure your startup will fully exploit the advantages of its digital home. 

About the author

Tamara Hofer
Copywriter & Marketing Assistant

Tamara is our multi-lingual expert in copywriting and storytelling. She also helps with all digital marketing efforts.