Shaping the future of digitalization

Swipergy is an IT consulting company with the aim to support both the public sector and B2B companies in implementing their digitization strategy, using agile software engineering methods and DevOps practices.
Branded illustration for tech startup
B2B Services
Brand Identity
Brand Communication
Swipergy reached out to us because they were striving to change their brand image and reposition themselves to stand out amongst their local competitors, expand their market niche to B2B companies, and establish a strong market position. We designed a new visual identity and created a basic UI design guide for their homepage as well as social media templates to ensure consistency on their digital brand touchpoints.
Concept & Strategy
Taking the brand name as a starting point, we developed a rebranding concept that would reflect the personality of the startup: “Swipergy” consists of the act of “swiping” as on touchscreens and “energy”. The combination of these terms reflects a dynamic and modern company, which should be depicted by its visual identity as well. Also, their visual identity should represent agility, flexibility, and transparency as key concepts of their approach to work.
On the one hand, Swipergy wanted the new logo to be sophisticated for the public sector and enterprise customers; on the other hand, it needed to be attention-grabbing to be easily remembered and to stand out in their sector. Also, it should attract tech talents and engage them to join their mission to shape the future of digitalization. Hence, we came up with an isotype composed of various elements: the angle brackets used in coding are arranged to form a letter "S" that encloses a ray of energy in its negative space. The typeface is a modern sans serif font kept in lowercase letters. To convey energy and dynamism, the whole logo is skewed by eight degrees and the isotype has a 3D effect.
Visual of the logo composition: a flash for energy, a coding icon, and the letter S.
With the energy concept in mind, we created a color palette that would represent a dynamic, yet professional brand. Two shades of purple serve as primary colors; Cyan Light for backgrounds and Green Aquamarine as contrast provide strong accents. Powerful gradients and the effect of glassmorphism create dimensionality to the visual identity, bringing the brand to life with a clean, bold, and modern look.
Visual with the color palette of Swipergy. Four main colors with three gradients.
We use two typefaces, the sans serif Chivo and the serif Merriweather. Our headline font Merriweather features a very large x-height, slightly condensed letterforms, mild diagonal stress, and sturdy serifs. Chivo is a strong grotesque font that we use for body text, CTAs, overlines, and other instances where we need extra attention.
Use of tyepface Merriweather for Swipergy.
Use of typeface Chivo for Swipergy.
As the visual language of Swipergy is clean and tech-centered, we focused on designing branded icons that represent the dynamic swiping effect: Using elements of software engineering and the gradients in the brand colors, we managed to completely harmonize the overall concept of the brand image.
We redesigned the UI design of their homepage–now it gains user attention with a friendly and lightweight design. What‘s more, we created a UI design guide with all its graphic elements in order to create consistency on their main digital touchpoints.
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In order to bring the brand further to life, we created a social media toolkit with postings for Instagram and Linkedin: Now the Swipergy team can easily create their own content with the new look and feel of the brand.