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Crypto & Web3 branding projects

Demystifying Blockchain is one of the key hurdles Crypto & Web3 startups face. A strong brand can build trust and make the technology tangible for the audience: Branded illustrations, simplified UI, and a coherent website make the difference.

Startups dedicated to blockchain infrastructure are leading in funding for 2024, with investments totaling $2.4 billion in the first quarter alone, marking a 40.3% increase from the previous quarter. Despite this growth, Crypto, Web3 startups, and companies developing underlying technologies encounter significant challenges: attracting skilled talent familiar with the industry and gaining user trust. These hurdles are exacerbated by the complexity and lack of transparency in blockchain solutions.

Crypto & Web3 startups need a strong brand identity to add explainability and gain trust.

Investment since the inception of Blockchain.
Rise in Blockchain funding in Q1 of 2024.
CAGR of the Crypto market annually until 2030.

The spike in funding in the Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 market means a rising number of startups and increased competition. Strategic branding helps position your startup and makes it stand out while instilling trust in your high-tech solution.

Impactful visual identity

Stand out in the growing Blockchain market, build credibility, and attract talent, users, and investors.

Branded illustrations

Visualize complex Blockchain concepts and simplify information to enhance understanding and trust of users.

Explainer videos

Bring Crypto into the real world with inspiring and explanatory motion videos that demystify the currency.

Engaging website

Leverage 3D and other effects to ensure your storytelling resonates with your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does branding for Crypto startups include?

Branding for Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain startups is more than just a logo; taking your brand values and personality as a starting point, branding is a comprehensive process that involves defining  elements like colors, typography, and illustrational style, with clear guidelines on their usage. It also includes a user-friendly and visually appealing website or application that embodies the brand’s identity and provides a seamless user experience.

Why is branding important for Crypto startups?

Branding is crucial for crypto startups because it helps establish credibility and trust in a relatively new and often volatile market. A strong brand identity differentiates the startup from competitors, communicates its values and mission clearly to potential investors and users, and fosters long-term loyalty by building a recognizable presence in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem. This is essential for attracting investment, gaining user adoption, and navigating regulatory challenges effectively.

How much does branding a Crypto startup cost?

When we talk about branding, we don't just mean creating a logo. Branding is an integral component of your company: your story, your personality, and the essence that expresses your vision. A lot of research and work goes into your brand, and all the components we create are fully custom-made and designed according to your needs.Typically, market prices will range between 20 to 80k according to Techcrunch. The costs of our branding for Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain companies begins at 11k, depending on your branding goals and needs. We are happy to receive your inquiry and to provide you with a detailed quote for your Crypto startup.

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