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Securing enterprise browsers

Cyberlume is a Cybersecurity startup on a mission to secure the browser for enterprise use. The browser extension monitors, controls, and protects all web activity, ensuring enterprise-level security without impacting browsing performance.

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Cyberlume is a portfolio company of Downing Capital Group, a leading VC that builds future-ready ventures across the US. Downing Capital approached us with their business idea in mind: a browser extension that offers company-wide security without compromising user experience. The project milestones included Naming, Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Identity, and Web Design & Development with engaging Motion Design elements.


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the Strategy

The brand strategy that set the guidelines for the Cybersecurity brand was based on the solution's features: easy to deploy and manage, providing a seamless user experience, and enabling full control of browser activities. Therefore, in contrast to other cybersecurity companies, we were looking for a branding that would prioritize tranquility and calmness instead of online attacks and threats. Thus, we needed to create a visual and verbal identity that would align with these characteristics; from naming to logo and every brand element of the website. It became clear that “light” would be a cornerstone of the branding, indicating not only a lightweight, compatible solution but also referring to shining a light on browser activities. With this concept in mind, we began developing the brand.


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the Web

When entering the web, users encounter the engaging 3D animation right in the above-the-fold. Across different sections, user experience and navigation are enhanced by subtle animations and interactions. The concept of light is visible across various elements of the web: a slightly transparent navbar with a glass effect creates the illusion of a light shining through. The CTA section is also given special attention: resembling a browser screen, it presents how the Cyberlume extension could fit into any enterprise browser, unobtrusive yet stable.