The Branx Anouncements

Clients Gave The Branx a Five-Star Rating for 2021

The last couple of years were not kind to anyone and many companies were left hanging in the air about what to do. The hardest ones hit were the startups who usually faced an uphill battle even in the best of times.

This was the reason why our team worked harder during these times and gave startups the support they needed in order to get off the ground. Our efforts weren’t just to ensure our clients survived the pandemic, but that they had the tools and skills to grow despite it.

Today, we are happy to share that we were successful in pursuing that goal because our clients gave us a five-star rating for those efforts in 2021.

Thanks to these scores, we were recognized by Clutch as one of the top service providers for 2021. Which is another feather in our cap, validating all of our efforts in the past twelve months.

This proves to us that putting all of our efforts into our client’s success is the surest way to guarantee our own growth and reputation. A lesson that we already knew was true but many businesses tend to forget.

When one ventures into the B2B industry, especially when working with startups, personal achievements play a secondary position in the priority hierarchy. Our team exists to support these aspiring entrepreneurs and we perform at our best when we put their interests first whenever we make any kind of decision.

These were our guiding principles throughout the whole of 2021 and we will continue to live by them well into the future. We are a team any startup can count on and urge all of them to contact us for their next project. Get the team that’s guaranteed to put your first and make sure that you reach your goals above all else.