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Let's build, design & validate digital ventures

If you are an entrepreneur or an established company who want to further explore a new business opportunity, we provide you with some fuel to get your venture up to speed and into the orbit.
Co-creating several startups has helped us to use the best processes, infrastructure, and tools to make startup building more effective. We use our own BX framework to create successful businesses.
Unlike consultants or accelerators, we actually build your venture with you right from scratch. We ideate together to create a solid business model, gain user insights, build a strong brand, and validate your venture.
Building a company isn't easy because the process of getting an idea to market can seem overwhelming. We provide the necessary resources and prove the worth of your venture.

From idea to go-to-market

The ideation phase represents a key step from learning about your users, setting out a clear problem statement, to coming up with a set of different solutions. This is the phase where innovation thrives.
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After gaining market & user insights, we develop strategies of competitive advantage, conceptualize the business model, and build the MVP. Our philosophy is creating strong brands right from the beginning.
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Testing your MVP with your first users is the best way to figure out the potential of your venture. In this very agile process, we make iterations on the product and business model until we figure out the perfect product-market fit.
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We are a group of strategists, designers, and product developers. In our past experiences, we've collected great skillsets & created important learnings with a variety of companies, from startups to established ventures. This helps us to see your business from different angles and use the best strategy for your endeavor.

Currently, we are co-founding the marketplace for local fresh products Muylocal and the meeting and event app
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