BX is our DNA

Brand Experience is about creating unique value, loyalty, and trust. It's about your users' emotions and attitudes towards your brand as a whole while interacting with it at different touchpoints. It's the combination of strategy, marketing and design, together with user analysis, UX, and communication.
process diagram- The Branx

What we do exactly

Creating brands, products and marketing are the things that really excite us and something we are really good at. So we'd like to give you a hand and turn your brand into an experience.
Brand Development
Your name, values, and vision is where we start. We conduct market insights and create your logo accordingly to create a distinctive and successful brand everybody loves.
User Research & UX
Our team delivers aesthetic results and optimized user journeys, driven by data, facts, and experience. We work with mobile-first designs that work on all devices.
Strategic Marketing
Let's align your brand with your business goals. We come up with long-term marketing & communication strategies by conducting market research, targeting & positioning.
Motion Graphics & Illustration
It's all about storytelling. From campaign videos, concept descriptions to catchy social media animations, we create content from concept to implementation.

The Branx Way of Working

Our ultimate goal is to derive a deep understanding of the brand and its users to come up with innovative ideas that satisfy their needs. We use design thinking throughout our entire creative process.

Situation Analysis
Before we start, we need to find out the problem. We do that by product/brand analysis, market and user research.

We come up with a strategy and set goals in order to check constantly if we are doing it right. Then we create a feasible concept.

Execution & Ongoing Improvements
Now comes the exciting stuff: we create designs and prototypes, do A/B testings and secure the usability while conducting ongoing user analysis.

After making sure everything is working out fine, things get implemented.
Happy users = happy client = happy Branx

Close Collaboration is Key

BX is only possible if you go away from thinking in silos and have everybody involved in the Brand Experience process towards the same goal.

You know your stuff, we know our stuff. If we put all that together that's a big chunk of stuff we know. To achieve this, we need super close collaboration, meaning passing along all that knowledge, talk, laughter, and discussion.

How can we do this even if we are not located in the same country? Here's the good news: we live in the 21st century, are multi-lingual, and are blessed with the latest cloud technology and low-cost flights. We are able to work remotely, adapt our systems to yours, and always be near you thanks to things like Asana, Slack, Trello, and Google Drive. We are not an agency, we are part of your team.

process diagram- The Branx