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Implementing Brand Experience

The world today is overloaded with choices. People therefore do not solely buy products or services, they buy brands with a purpose, core values, and emotions, which in turn adds value for them.

On top of that, we live in a more digitalized world where everybody is shouting loud, and where it becomes more and more difficult for companies to stand out and communicate their value. The only way to be relevant for their users and keep ahead of competition is by creating unexpected and unique brand experiences.

Brand Experience is about your users'...

Emotions are the reason why people buy your product and later on they justify it with logic
Experience is the trigger that causes specific emotions in your users
This is where your users get in touch with your brand & experience these emotions
Collaboration among different departments is key for proper BX execution. Go away from thinking in silos

Implement BX in your organization

Align Strategy, User and Brand
Bring different departments to one table. Start with the initial purpose of your company, your vision, and the reason what makes you different and valuable, your unique value proposition. Then check if your user's needs, your brand values, and your business goals are all aligned.
User Emotions
A fundamental part of understanding your user's perspective is knowing what he says, feels, does and thinks about your brand at different touchpoints. Use not only your available quantitative data but also consider qualitative data received from social listening tools, shadowing techniques and user empathy models.
Dramatize the User Journey
Dramatize your user's Brand Experience along the user journey. Exaggerate the key touchpoints where you want to bring your brand promise to life. Forget timid tinkering. Make it memorable.
Moments of Truth & Action Points
Discover critical moments of truth along the user journey and convert them into positive Brand Experiences. Come up with a set of innovative, surprising, and memorable ideas. Prioritize these opportunities and convert them into concrete action points, defining ownership and timing.
Unique BX Execution
Stand for something and be brave enough to stand up for it. Only that way, you'll stand out. Be bold, try out new things. Keep in mind: No matter how meticulous your prep work is, there will always be room for improvement. With BX you have to be willing to dive in and learn along the way.
Ongoing Assessment
BX is not a one-shot task that leads to immediate results since it takes time to change your user's brand perception. Measure, improve and communicate continuously the results of your BX actions with your team. BX is an iterative process, where some elements such as your overall strategy, brand, and users should remain consistent.

Let's do BX together

We developed our own BX Canvas to align strategy, user, brand & touchpoints in a structured way and to improve user sentiment along the user journey.

If you want, we can help you defining opportunities and crafting unique Brand Experiences together.
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